Who is cooler? Ridley Scott, David Fincher and Tarantino compared the Valley

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The film critic explained the uniqueness of the directors.

Journalist and film columnist Anton Dolin spoke about three outstanding contemporary directors. In a conversation with Dmitry Bykov, Dolin answered the writer’s question why some ingenious directors, such as Scott and Fincher, did not receive “super status”.

The famous British director Ridley Scott gained undisputed authority after the filming of “Alien” and was canonized after receiving all the Oscars for “Gladiator”, according to the critic. However, he continues to make films, most of which Dolin called passable.

The journalist considers the director of the Fight Club to be an outstanding artist who skillfully translates other people’s material into his own language. Dolin also spoke about Tarantino, calling him a genius writer, as well as a director who gives a great career for actors.

“Fincher and Tarantino are simply the best in modern American cinema,” Dolin concluded on the YouTube channel. “ZhZL”.

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