White Apple opens pre-order for Japansoft: History of the Japanese Gaming Industry

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White Apple Publishing has announced the official launch of a pre-order for Japansoft: A History of the Japanese Gaming Industry. Relevant post appeared in the social network “VKontakte”.

“Video games were not invented in Japan, but it was in Japan that they received a new creative impulse, were rethought and turned into a separate subculture with its own cultural code,” writes “White Apple”.

The book contains stories of developers, game designers, executives and other employees of famous companies. Among them were Sega, Konami, Capcom, Square Enix, Hudson Soft and others.

In addition, the authors added an illustrated guide to the world of Japanese computers and consoles, rare photos of developers and Japanese studios. According to the description on the White Apple website, the book offers “a deep digression into games, companies and human emotions, which have formed a completely new culture.”

“We made the final save and sent to the printing house, probably the most fancy in terms of typographical tricks, a book about the history of the Japanese gaming industry. Three different types of paper, three or four pontoons, and inside all sorts of rare old-school photos of Japanese game designers and studios in which they worked. And many, many behind-the-scenes jokes and fables from the Japanese, a nation that doesn’t really like to be outspoken. ” wrote co-founder of the publishing house Ilya Voronin on his Facebook.

Book pre-order is available on the link.

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