whether Danya Milokhin will play in the musical “Onegin” of the Taganka Theater

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Alexei Frandetti: will Danya Milokhin play in the musical “There are popular directors, and I want to be good and run for years.” Journalist David Winner spent the day with Alexei Frandetti, a three-time winner of the Golden Mask Award and the locomotive of the Russian Musical Theater. What is the complexity of the “easy” genre of musicals? Why should a musical theater say thank you to TikTok, and who could Danya Milokhin play in Onegin? Birches, carpets and “cultivating the role” – what actors will Alexei never work with, and how did the casting of our host end? What performance does Diana Arbenina write music for, and why are Pushkin’s poems perfectly combined with indie rock? In the new issue of “Discover, David”, viewers will see the backstage of the Taganka Theater, the office of the genius Lyubimov and get acquainted with the troupe of the top musical “Onegin”.

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