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The best events for children and adults – in the selection of “Fountains”.


Kurentzis turns to “pathetic”

March 12, 6+

Richard Strauss’s Metamorphoses and Peter Tchaikovsky’s Symphony № 6 “Pathetic” will be performed by the musicAeterna Symphony Orchestra conducted by Theodor Kurentzis on Saturday in the Grand Philharmonic Hall. Such concerts are not frequent, and tickets are usually quickly distributed among fans of the band.


Real life – scenes on stage

March 12-13

The basis of the theater festival “Reverberation-2” on the New Stage of Alexandrinka were six documentaries. Despite the different authorship, all the plots are united in one cycle thanks to the titles that repeat the biblical commandments: “Thou shalt not kill”, “Thou shalt not steal”, “Thou shalt not commit adultery”, “Cultivate the land from which you are taken”, “Love your neighbor.” The heroes of each of the plays are real people who are going through tragedies and living in an era of change. Thieves, mercenaries, child artists, communal residents. The masters of RGISI under the direction of the associate professor of the department of drama Natalia Skorokhod and the directors of the studio Nikolai Roschin turned their history into a theatrical format. Admission to the shows is free, according to the registration on the Alexandrinka website. All performances are designed for different ages – from 12+ to 18+.

Drift as a path to identity

Until April 11, 6+

The idea that identity is born along the way, in the work of performers, can be said to be classic. The “grandmother” of the genre, Marina Abramovich, walked more than 2,000 kilometers along the Great Wall of China to meet her lover, and during this time she realized that their relationship had exhausted itself. The artist Yoko Ono invited the audience to draw a map of an imaginary space, and then walk with it around the real city. The Storyteller exhibition at the Anna Nova Gallery is a modern appeal to the same theme. Artists from Russia and Finland, Ustin Yakovlev and Sylvia Javen, have documented their own journey along the shores of the Gulf of Finland. “Drift” they made in search of internal support, and along the way collected “artifacts” – stones and shells. Each thing became part of a large installation that can be seen for free.


The heroes met at the museum

Until April 19, 6+

More than a hundred works dedicated to heroes in different cultures, as well as the realm of the dead, are shown at a large-scale exhibition at the Museum of the History of Religion. The curators collected sculpture, graphics, and elements of decorative and applied art from private collections and combined semantic elements with the theme “Journey to the World of Myth, Epic, and Fairy Tale.” Each character in the halls has its own difficult story: in the Finnish Kalevala epoch, the blacksmith Ilmarinen forged a celestial vault, Russian heroes kept saving their homeland from monsters, and, for example, in Scandinavian legends the goddess Freya taught mankind magic.

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Learn something new

Rocapops and Mummy Troll

March 11, 19:00, 18+

Nikolai Ovchinnikov and Vladimir Zavyalov will traditionally spend the evening at the Okhta-8 Intellectual Center to discuss music. This Friday, they will remember how the inaccuracy of the translation during the tour of “Troll’s Mummies” once gave rise to the term “rockapops” and helped end the war of warring genres.

Ethnographic will show jewelry

March 11 and 13, 2:30 p.m., 12+

With the arrival of spring, a new educational program was launched at the Russian Ethnographic Museum. On the “Magic of Jewelry” tour, visitors are allowed into the Special Pantry, told about women’s jewelry of the Russian peoples and beliefs. Legends are associated with various materials, from pearls to silver coins from the Volga region.


Lurie will take you to Zhdanovka

March 12, 14:00, 12+

Guide and lecturer Sofia Lurie gathers the company for a walk-tour in the vicinity of the river Zhdanovka. He will tell the participants where the most impressive St. Petersburg Gorgon Medusa is or what the “Zhdanov liquid” is, the bottle with which Rogozhin left at Nastasya Filippovna’s body in “The Idiot”.

The myth of beauty is broken down into parts

March 12, 15:00, 16+

In the Benoit Farm space, art critic and curator Anastasia Pronina gives a lecture entitled “The Myth of Beauty: Stereotypes, Wars and Art.” It will be about how the ideals of beauty are influenced by politics and personal interests. Required registration.

“Passerby” will cheer up with little things

March 12, 19:00, 18+

Latvian writer Vyacheslav Soldatenko, known by the pseudonym Slava Se, became famous in the 2010s by publishing humorous miniatures and notes online. Actors of the Niti Theater in Vavilov Loft arrange a themed apartment house “Passerby” for those who appreciate this genre, in the format of “meeting old friends”. In the evening, they are going to look for humor in the routine, sing romances, dance and retell Se’s favorite stories. The author himself passed away in 2021.


The theater will fall in love with liars

March 13, 16:00, 16+

Theater critic and teacher Polina Stepanova was inspired by the upcoming premiere – a play by Grigory Gorin “The same M.” at the Na Liteynom Theater – and organized a lecture “on the most charming liars in the history of theater and cinema.” The heroes were, among others, Baron Munchausen from the stories of Rudolf Erich Raspe, Hodja Nasreddin from the dilogy of Leonid Solovyov and even Pippi Longstocking from the books of Astrid Lindgren.

Photographers will meet the star of fashion photography

March 13, 13:00, 18+

This weekend, the 8.24 photo studio is turning into a kind of mini-lecture hall. On Sunday, art critics and activists will gather on the site to discuss the work of Helmut Newton, a provocateur, fashion and nude photographer, one of the classics of the twentieth century. The German and Australian master shot stars for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair, Oui and Playboy and became famous for his ability to balance perfectly on the verge of vulgarity and elegance. Until April 17, his pictures are exhibited in “Erarta”.


In the library – about the housing issue

March 14, 19:00, 12+

“Khrushchev connected the bathroom with the toilet, but did not have time to connect the floor to the ceiling”: such jokes about the delights of life in Khrushchev circulate in folklore. At a lecture at the Mayakovsky Library, historian Dmitry Gusarov, who has studied Soviet architecture for many years, will explain why, despite some peculiarities, the inhabitants of Khrushchev in the Union were envied. He will also tell you where to look for the first such building in St. Petersburg and how the area of ​​apartments determined the world order of their inhabitants. Admission to the meeting is free.

Listen to music

Kalinov Bridge is going to celebrate

March 12, 8 p.m., 4 p.m.

By this weekend, “Kalinov Most” remained one of the few groups ready to hold concerts without transfer. In “Cosmonaut” rockers will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the band with the program “Gold of Songs”. The best! ”


Opera night at the Philharmonic

March 13, 19:00, 6+

Spring gala concert with soloists of the Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky and other theaters – in the Small Hall of the Philharmonic on Sunday evening. The program included, for example, an overture to Mozart’s opera The Marriage of Figaro, Hermann’s aria from Tchaikovsky’s The Queen of Spades, The Bat, an overture to Johann Strauss’s son’s operetta, Juliet’s waltz from Romeo and Juliet and Gounod, and Gounod. rare things. Soprano Anastasia Kalagina, mezzo-soprano Ekaterina Sergeeva, tenor Alexander Trofimov will take the stage. Plays the Singolo Orchestra. Behind the conductor’s console Yaroslav Zaboyarkin.

On the screen

Chris Pine will be a mercenary

From March 10, 18+

Among the few foreign novelties in the rental – “Mercenary” with Chris Payne in the lead role. The actor, known for “Star Trek” and “Wonder Woman”, in the film directed by Tariq Saleh plays a retired military man who accepts offers to join a mysterious secret organization.

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“About freaks and people” – by special order

March 11, 21:50, 16+

A special screening of Alexei Balabanov’s drama “About Freaks and People” is scheduled for Friday night at Aurora. On the screen – the reverse side of St. Petersburg, unhappy families, the “Marquis de Sade Photographic Theater” and the Siamese twins.

World animation – in the “Homeland”

Until March 13, 16+

Meanwhile, the Homeland is showing the best films from the program of the London Festival of Independent Animation LIAF. This year’s program includes nine short films in different styles and on topical topics – from environmental issues (“Soup”) to migration and the search for identity (“Hopefully, we will not have to return”, “Co-Knowledge”, “Sisters”, “Sam’s Story”). ). All tapes are shown in one session in the original language with subtitles.

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