Where to go in Rostov region by car, where to spend the weekend in the spring, while the flight is closed |

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Taganrog and the shore of the bay

Travel time: one and a half hours

The best way to relax from everything is to sit by the sea and listen to the sounds of the waves. The easiest way to do this is in Taganrog. Gathering your thoughts, you can walk around the city: look at the fishing Bogudonia, find memorable places of Chekhov or Ranevskaya, walk along the waterfront. You can come to Taganrog by train or bus. On the way you can make a stop in the Sea or one of the other settlements on the shores of the bay – there is also something to see.


Travel time: 40 minutes

If you want to look at the Sea of ​​Azov, you will not see it here. But the city has an ancient fortress, and the museum has fossil mammoth bones.

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