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Want new experiences, and all the routes are already gone? Catch a selection of festivals, holidays and exhibitions, where you can go from St. Petersburg to unwind, and at the same time watch movies, get creative and listen to music.


In the suburbs and the Leningrad region

June 26

Russian Glory Day Festival

Pushkin, Cathedral Square

The simplest option is Pushkin. The Tsarskoye Selo festival will be held there for the eighth time. Young bands will perform on the main square: the alternative group “Svoya Mera”, the Krasnoyarsk band “Svod”, performing music with elements of folklore and Slavic mythology, the group “Kazaraga” with Russian folk songs in the repertoire and others. After the young people, the famous rock bands “Different People”, “Bashakov BAND” and “Angel of Heaven” will appear on the stage. The headliner of the festival will be the rock band “Kalinov Most”.

The festival will feature interactive playgrounds for military history clubs, workshops and a craft fair, and a separate entertainment program will be prepared for children.

Start at 14:00, admission is free



July 1-3

Ahola Music Camping Festival

Leningrad region, Petrovskoe rural settlement, Open Cape Street, 1

“Music and contemporary art surrounded by nature” – this is the slogan of the festival “Ahola”. This is a small festival of electronic music, where the sounds on the dance floors do not stop for several days, and the artists take turns almost continuously. In addition to music at the festival, the audience will see exhibitions, performances by media artist Andrei Svibovich and performer Daria Gruzdeva, acting training by Andrei Bakevich, yoga practice.

It is supposed to live in tents in the campsite, the organizers promise amenities: toilets, showers, baths.

There are more than fifty DJs and music performers in the line-up of the festival. The full list of artists can be found at festival site.


July 13-17

Kinoles Festival

Fox Nose, Sea Oaks Beach

The largest outdoor film festival has been held annually since 2016 at the initiative of the Youth Center of the Union of Cinematographers of St. Petersburg. The main event of the festival is an open screening of short films created by young Russian directors – students and graduates of film universities. The goal is to find new names and popularize the genre of short films.

Even before the opening of the festival on the basis of SPbGIK there will be meetings and master classes with directors Vladimir Bitokov and Irina Evteeva, cameraman Alisher Khamidkhodjaev and others.

Film screenings will take place in the evening on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. At the festival itself, in addition to film screenings, master classes for a wide audience, a conference, a “Marathon of film professions”, as well as performances by music groups are planned. Admission to all events is free.



July 21-26

Baltic Rally

Vyborg, Salakka-Lahti Bay, Petrovskaya Embankment

The rich program of the Second International Motorcycle Festival Baltic Rally will include more than 40 activities, which can be found in detail at festival site. They are mainly related to motorcycles and fast riding. This is an exhibition of original motorcycles and unusual vehicles Crazy Wheels Show; motorcycle helmet and tattoo competitions; Drag Racing high-speed stand and Wheelie Machine exercise machine, as well as a motoquest. In addition, bikers will be shown a power, culinary and fashion show and invited to participate in sports tournaments. A biker wedding will take place right at the festival.

On Saturday, July 23, at 12:00, a solemn Motor Parade will take place along the Saimaa Canal “To the State Border”.

Musical groups will perform on the stage all days of the festival. The headliners of the concerts will be “SerGa”, VIA “Singing Guitars”, Joe Lynn Turner (ex-vocalist of the groups Deep Purple, Rainbow), as well as the rock band “Resurrection”.


July 29-31

Host Bike Fest

Toksovo, base “Northern slope”

This is not the first time that the International Bike-Rock Festival is held near St. Petersburg and is famous for its energetic music, live sound and cheerful biker company.

Host Bike Fest has already announced a music program for the summer weekend. For fans of fast driving and their friends groups “Pilot”, “Brigade contract”, “Starlings of Stepanov”, “Animation” and other collectives will act.

For those who do not have enough rooms in the cottages of the village (and there are almost no places left), a tent camp will be set up behind the main stage of the festival. The music will be playing until 23:00. At night, the organizers promise guitar songs by the fire.

Visitors can expect interactive game zones, food courts, a show program. The main prize in the lottery will be a MotoLand SCRAMBLER 250 motorcycle.

Admission is free for children under 12 years old.



August 25-28

XIII International Ecological Festival of Arts “KronFest”

Kronstadt, Leningradskaya Street, house 2, Museum of the History of Kronstadt

This year, KronFest will open for the 14th time. It was first held in 2008 at the initiative of the Kronstadt Museum of History. Initially, its purpose was to draw the attention of residents and guests of Kronstadt to the problem of pollution of the unique landscape of the island of Kotlin and the Gulf of Finland. Now the festival raises a variety of environmental issues, it organizes round tables, environmental marathons and events, educational events.

This year the organizers of the festival are preparing to receive 12,000 people. Anyone will be able to take part in a bike ride from the east of Kronstadt to the west, as well as in a sports marathon on waterless fuels. A plein air will be organized for artists at Fort Paul I.

The central event of the festival is traditionally the exhibition “Art from garbage”, where artists present art objects from recycled materials. Workshops, game programs and quests for children, art events and concerts will be prepared for the festival guests.


For a few days

June 24-26

“Wild mint”

Aleksinsky district, Bunyrevo

The largest summer music festival (after the transfer of “Invasion” to 2023) is already in full swing. This year it features Dolphin, Aigel, Give the Tank, Neuromonk Feofan, RSAC, Kedr Livanskiy, Guru Groove Foundation, IOWA, Antokha MS, Kurara and others.


June 30 – July 3

Грушинский author’s song festival

Samara region, Mastryukovsky lakes

The author’s song festival is an unchangeable classic, this year it is held for the 49th time. And even if you are not the hero of the film with Monetochka, who all his life dreamed of performing at this event, it is still worth visiting there at least once – a sign of the times. One of the stars of this year’s festival is Timur Shaov, so expect topical satire and subtle humor. And also – Elena Frolova, Vadim Egorov, Oleg Medvedev, Irina Surina and others. Minus: it will not be possible to build fires. Plus: the organizers promise a shower.


June 30 – July 3


Yaroslavl, Levtsovo airfield

The “brutal” festival with a 10-year history, according to the organizers, is preparing to host 90 music groups at three venues this year. In the line-up: 25/17, Louna, “Kis-kis”, “Northern Fleet”, “Brigade Contract”, “Pneumoslon”, “Psyche” and others. Tickets, visually designed as boarding a plane, are immediately season tickets for all days and the installation of a tent.



July 2 – September 6

“The discovery of the North. Surprise »

Kargopol Museum

Silk and pearls embroidered with mother-of-pearl and pearls, maiden wreaths, crowns and bandages from the collections of the Hermitage and the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore will be displayed at the Kargopol Museum for two months. The exhibition will be complemented by sketches by Leon Bakst, Konstantin Korovin, Vladimir Tatlin and other artists from the collection of the St. Petersburg Theater Museum – those who have rethought traditional Russian culture in the spirit of avant-garde art.

The exhibition is accompanied by master classes and excursions-quests. Schedule and details – on the site.


July 16-17

Teriberka Arctic Festival

Teriberka, Murmansk region

The free festival, the organizers of which promise “food, music, sports, movies, souvenirs, emotions”, has been held since 2015. Its goal is to reveal the tourist potential of the village and the development of event tourism in the Arctic zone. The town became famous as a zone of total despair after the release of Andrei Zvyagintsev’s film “Leviathan”, but paradoxically it gave him a boost: the unique landscapes with rocks and the skeleton of a whale did not go unnoticed, and connoisseurs of chthons in Russia at least spare, so everything came together .

This year, the festival features the group “Akimama”, “Bangkok Postal Service”, NAVEKA BAND, THE HATTERS, CHEESE PEOPLE, Linda and others. There will be dialogues about ecology and tourism, a fair of masters, a trail race “Challenge of the Arctic”, walks with a scientist in a nature park, freediving, sapsurfing, kayaking, horseback riding and helicopter flights. Details – on the site.





The organizers of this festival in the village – a museum of modern art in the open air have changed the theme according to the circumstances. The topic “Happiness” was replaced by the question: “Is there happiness?” There will be a big collective performance about it: the organizers promise that “artists, performers and musicians will present a mystery-journey about how to survive a dark night to meet the dawn together.”

Visitors will also be amazed by the 29-meter tower made of materials from wood to plastic and broken glass, special “sleepy” art events from the “most boring lecturer” and “choir of yawning people”, kinetic toys for adults and a large mud pit to lie in. , like a child (shower included).

You can live at the festival in houses or tents (own or rented). Children under 5 do not need a ticket.



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