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Paper books are becoming more expensive every year, at the same time many are beginning to switch to electronic reading, but out of love for nature do not want to throw away old books. Where else besides services for free advertising can be found a book for nothing or give in “good hands”. The Tula news service has compiled a list of proven places for bookcrossing or book exchange in Tula and the Tula region.

Safe shelves

Safe regiment in the Kremlin Park / Photo: Tula News Service

This is the safest and easiest way to contact books without contact. The shelves are in crowded places, see the list below. Here you can put a book or pick up your favorite.

  • Kremlin Garden, Tula, Mendeleevskaya Street, 11
  • Children’s department store, Tula, Sovetskaya Street, house 60, second floor
  • Podvorye Hotel, Tula, 9 Zhukovsky Street
  • Velegozh Park, Tula region, Mitino village, cottage village
  • Children’s bookstore “Korney Ivanovich”, Tula, Pervomaiskaya Street, 26-a
  • “Gate of the Sun”, Tula, Lenin Avenue, house 107
  • Bookstore “Buklya”, Tula, Lenin Avenue, 32
  • Labyrinth store, 125a Lozhevaya Street, Tula, office 220, Proletarsky shopping center
  • Labyrinth store, Tula, 57 Lenina Avenue, office 113
  • “New People”, Tula, Krasnoarmeyskiy Avenue, house 13
  • Platonic Park, Tula, General Margelov Street, 39
  • Rogozhinsky Park, Tula, Demyanova Street, 26-a
  • Komsomolsky Park, Tula, Oktyabrskaya Street, house 188a
  • Belousov Park, Tula, the central alley of fountains

Tula libraries

The requirements for the accepted books in the library are a little stricter: the book must be published no later than 2017, with a whole and hardcover and without inscriptions in the margins. Children’s libraries do not accept works with an age limit of 18+.1 (11) 1.jpg

  • LN Central City Library Tolstoy, Boldina Street, 149
  • Tula Regional Children’s Library, 62 Lenin Avenue
  • Tula Regional Scientific Library, 48 Turgenevskaya Street
  • City Library №6, Serebrovskaya Street, house 26
  • City Library №4, Metallurgists Street, house 34
  • Model Library №14, Metallurgists Street, house 2A
  • Children’s Library №13 named after AA Lyubomudrova, Kirova Street, house, 26
  • City Library №22, Bondarenko Street, house 11
  • City Library №15, Marshala Zhukova Street, house 8B

It is worth noting that some libraries, such as the city library №15, hold a “Reader’s Regiment” campaign, when books written off from the library are given to Tula residents free of charge.

Correctional colonies

1 (24) .jpg

You can give the book to one of the prisons in the Tula region. The nearest address to you, where you need to take the book, can be found on the website of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation in the Tula region, which lists the correctional facilities in the region and contact information. The strictness of the selection of books here is very strict, for example, the book should not be included in the list of extremist, inciting interethnic and interracial discord, have pornographic content. However, literature for prisoners is one of the main sources of leisure. Earlier, the Tula News Service published a story about how the prison library works.

Bookcrossing for students offline

There are small contactless book exchange points in Tula institutions. For example, bookcrossing was organized in the first building of the Tula State Pedagogical University named after LN Tolstoy at 7 Mendeleevskaya Street.erBgOJr6S1IijqGndt6F3-dL0lSH5XRIDpAUTWALdO90RgFlirXFMdQyagseA3GADkVGk80H_h8Goo_Ks-7jnzpR.jpg

Everything here works on the principle of safe shelves, when you bring and choose a book at any convenient time without intermediaries.

Bookcrossing online

You can give or find a book on the Internet not only on Avito. You can place an ad about your book on the social network “VKontakte” in the group “Books in Tula”. You only need to specify the author, the title of the book, its photo, as well as the address where you can pick it up. This is convenient because the literature does not need to be taken anywhere.U0KiQcbtOgT4NbpZHmNcgNgUcWTJ0LBaqdBUqOqNmQ-Yx82roUjJn0BLSlodY3f937CqP65K2gK-XTEkA8GaIkSj.jpg

In addition, there is a site “Bookstore”, you can register a book on this site, sign the number of the book, leave it in a safe place and then track its “journey”. According to the site, more than three thousand books were released during the trip, but about 300 were found. The rest of the books found a permanent owner.

Earlier on the website of the Tula news service it was reported that the museum-reserve “Polenovo” transferred to the Tula prison colony about a thousand books.

Photo: Tula News Service

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