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Will the premiere of “Elizabeth” on “Russia 1” be canceled again and will the announced premiere of “Nobody Knows” be released on the First

Kirill Safonov and Eugenia Brik, who recently left us, starred as Alena Zvantsova and Valery Todorovsky in the new project. A scene from the series “Nobody Knows”

Television fakes – this is how you can describe what has been happening around TV lately. Plus the confusion with the network of programs on the two main channels – you have to think, not forever, but so far viewers are very uncomfortable to live with it.

For a month now, the country has been discussing Ivan Urgant and his program in every possible way – despite the fact that in late February, representatives of the First Channel refuted the assumptions about the closure of “Evening Urgant”. The press service explained that the First is temporarily working in the information mode, in connection with which not all entertainment programs are released – not only this one.

Either because Ivan is super popular with the audience, or because there is nothing much to write about now – the topic is not gone, the press continues to exploit it in the spirit – the program was closed, the host-traitor emigrated (even now , when, according to Andrei Urgant, his son returned to Russia), etc.

At some point, a fake appeared – they say, instead of Urgant there will be Garik Martirosyan (apparently, this was born, remembering the program “Projectorperishilton” with four comedians). The logic, in general, is clear: Alexander Tsekalo has been living in the United States for three years, Sergei Svetlakov, maybe still here, but he has a house in Jurmala, – Garik Martirosyan remains, and we will appoint him as his successor.

And last week there were very wild messages in their stupidity and illiteracy: “Andrei Malakhov will take the place of Ivan Urgant on the TV channel” Russia 1 “. Apparently, we meant the Sunday premiere of the program called “Songs from the Heart” with host Andrei Malakhov, but what do you have in common, my God?

Not only that, different channels and completely different programs: one, humorous and musical, goes out five times a week on weekdays around midnight, the other – folk songs (in the studio, nugget talents from around the country have heart-to-heart conversations and sing heartfelt songs ), comes out once a week at six in the evening on Sundays – how with such initial Malakhov can take the place of Urgant ?!

By the way, a public program with a bias towards the people also appeared on Public Television – “The Song Remains with a Man”, hosted by the leader of the group “Va-Bank” Alexander F. Sklyar. The song he will talk about in the issue is chosen by viewers by voting on the OTP website and in the channel’s groups on social networks; in the finale of the program sounds the most favorite song. Surprisingly, there have been no statements yet: “Sklyar will take Urgant’s place in the OTP.”

And, by the way, there was no confidence that the premiere of “Songs of the Whole”, scheduled for March 27, will take place (as well as the colorful music show “Mask” on NTV), because the day before, three days later, presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky said that Russian TV channels should reduce the number of entertainment programs “taking into account the changed situation in the world.” Maybe he just didn’t know that the main TV channels of the country have been working in the information mode for a long time without entertainment content, but what is the demand for entertainment channels? They simply do not have other content and can not be.

Recently, rumors surfaced on social media that Elena Malysheva had closed the “Live Healthy!” Program: she gathered employees and announced to them that it would be closed at least until September. No, maybe she collected and announced, but even Malysheva can’t afford to close the program – such things are decided by the channel’s management. And he, of course, immediately denied the rumors about the closure of “Live well!”.

Returning to the recommendations of Medinsky, who, calling for a reduction in entertainment content, said: “It is better to show good domestic or foreign films instead.” The historical-adventure series “Elizabeth” about the daughter of Peter I was supposed to be aired on Russia 1 in early March, but has been postponed several times – four or five. The picture is as follows: a day before the start of the series is still on the schedule of the program, but immediately on the day of the premiere is canceled / replaced by “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov.” Once again, “Elizabeth” is put on the grid on Monday, April 4 – will they shoot again? ..

To be honest, I’m more worried about the second premiere on Monday – Channel One promises to start showing an eight-episode melodrama by producer Valery Todorovsky and director Alena Zvantsova “Nobody Knows” with the recently departed Eugenia Brick in the lead role.

The premiere of the first series “Nobody Knows” (working title “Children”) took place at the festival of TV series “Pilot” in Ivanovo in 2019, when Eugene Brick received the award as “Best Actress”. Also in the series starred Kirill Safonov, Yuri Bykov (who is a famous director), Alexander Robak, Yana Sexte, Victoria Isakova.

“Nobody Knows” – about the middle class of modern Moscow, or the middle class of modern Moscow before the special operation. Good, smart, professionally shot picture. In short – an intelligent movie about humanity, relationships and IVF.

Still – filmed by Alena Zvantsova, who is known not only for the series “Doctor Tyrsa”, but also for a completely unusual philosophical picture “Heavenly Court”, and the resounding film “Particle of the Universe” – as it really is with the human factor in Star City, in orbit and on the ISS, those who watched “Particle …” learned long before the broadcast of the details of the flight of Klima Shipenko and Julia Peresild.

… This year, viewers will not see the new seasons of the show “The Last Hero” and “Fort Boyard”, said the general producer of “White Media” Yulia Sumacheva.

… “Besogon TV” suddenly appeared on the air of “Russia 1” – he also seemed to appear on “Spas”, occasionally appearing on “Russia 24”? Ah, yes, Medinsky suggested translating Besogon into “maximum languages” and distributing “everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.”

… And, finally, the latest fake: “Alla Pugacheva found a job on Israeli television.” Comments, as they say, are superfluous.

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