Where is Ginny now, a former Oh My Girl member who has left the k-pop industry?

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Most k-pop fans know that Oh My Girl consists of seven participants. And, yes, it’s true. But in fact, the women’s group debuted as a group of eight people. Former vocalist Oh My Girl Gin left the band and the agency in 2017, completely leaving the entertainment industry.

Shin Yejinknown as Gin, before the debut of the group in 2015, she trained longer than the other participants. She has been an intern for four years, starting in April 2011.

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Former Oh My Girl JinE

From the beginning of the debut Gin was known for her short stature and handsome face. Its distinctive feature was the bangs combed to the side. The girl was often compared to an actress Han Ji Minas it seemed to many that they were similar.

Gin advanced in the group from April 2015 to August 2016. August 25, 2016 WM Entertainment announced that the girl was interrupting her activities to focus on treating anorexia nervosa.

Due to health problems, she did not participate in the recording of the fourth album of the group “Coloring Book”. Since then, she has not participated in any albums, and in October 2017 she left the band.

The last project in which she participated Ginwas a rapper of Pink Ocean’s third album, Windy Day.

The agency announced not only that Gin leaves the group, but also that the girl wants to find her new way.

Former Oh My Girl JinE

In November 2017, a former participant Oh My Girl wrote a letter in which she personally announced her departure from the company and the group. She also thanked her fans and colleagues for their support.

In his letter Gin mentioned that she had long dreamed of becoming a singer. However, due to physical and psychological problems, she needs to return to life as Shin Yejinto try something else.

Former Oh My Girl JinE

Now Gin actively works as an influencer in Instagram. It has more than 30,000 subscribers, and the account itself is dedicated to the promotion of various brands and stores (food and beauty products).

In addition, Gin for the first time after a long break starred in clip Taru x Kimperi on the song “Secret”, which was released in December 2021.

Former Oh My Girl JinE

Left the k-pop industry EugeneShe seems to feel much better because she looks much happier and healthier in her Instagram posts. She was able to change her image from a charming fairy to an elegant goddess.

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