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Where did Andrei Malakhov go, who disappeared from social networks and TV – News

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Not so long ago, the problems of the famous TV presenter Andrei Malakhov were hotly debated on the Internet. Some fans suspected that their idol was seriously ill. Many fans noted the strange hairstyle, more like a wig, as well as unhealthy complexion.

Rumors circulating on the Internet about the host’s health problems have intensified also because on the social network, the star’s account was first closed to new users, and then was deleted altogether. In fact, due to the fact that the programs of the central television channels have been changed in recent months, Malakhov’s entertainment program has stopped airing regularly.
As reported Express Newspaper, Andrei Malakhov was pleasantly surprised by the anxiety of his fans. Recently, in an interview with the magazine “Antenna”, the host of the program “Hello Andrew” said that at the moment he continues to work and shoot programs that can be seen on air on weekends.

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