Where are the 1THE9 members now? That’s what the guys did after the band broke up

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1THE9a project group formed based on the results of the survival show Under Nineteen, disbanded in 2020 after a year and a half of active activity. It’s been almost 2 years since the participants parted ways, so let’s find out what they’ve been doing ever since.

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As already mentioned, 1THE9 – a male group whose members were selected for the survival show Under Nineteen, which was broadcast from November 2017 to February 2018 on MBC. Of the 57 participants for the debut in the new men’s group, only nine were selected.

Photo: Twitter: @MBC_entertain

Two months after graduation Under Nineteen April 13th 1THE9 debuted with their first mini-album “XIX” with the title song “Spotlight”. They later released three more albums (“Blah Blah”, “Turn Over” and “Good Bye 1THE9”) before breaking up in 2020.

Photo: Twitter: @ official_1the9

As a rule, groups formed as part of a survival show sign only a temporary one-and-a-half-year contract. Therefore 1THE9were expected to be disbanded on August 8, 2020, and participants returned to their agencies to pursue individual careers.

But what did all nine participants do 1THE9 since the parting?


1THE9 Yongha
Photo: Instagram: @you_haaaaa

Leader 1THE9 Yonha currently signed with OUI Entertainment. He debuted as a member of the label’s first male band WEi in October 2020. The group also includes a former member X1 Kim Johan and a former participant in the second season of the show Produce 101 Kim Donghan.

IN WEi former participant 1THE9 Yonha holds the position of lead rapper and sub-vocalist. The last comeback of the six-member band took place in June 2021, when they released their third mini-album “Identity: Action”.


1THE9 Junseo
Photo: Instagram: @__k_junseo

As well as Yonha, Junso now also a member of the men’s group OUI Entertainment WEi. He is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist and McNae band.


1THE9 Yechan
Photo: Instagram: @ official__1the9

Yechan also debuted for the second time. He signed with Spire Entertainment and became a member OMEGA X, a group consisting mainly of the same former members of disbanded groups and shows.

IN OMEGA X Yechan – Makne. The group of 11 members debuted in June 2021 with the first mini-album “VAMOS”, all copies of which were sold out in six days since its release.


1THE9 Doyum
Photo: Instagram: @ official__1the9

Milking – Another participant 1THE9, who continued his career as a singer and became part of a new male group. He transferred to BlueDot Entertainment and in June 2021 debuted again with the band JUST B.

IN JUST B Milking uses the name DiWay and holds the positions of lead dancer, lead rapper and sub-vocalist.


1THE9 Sungwon
Photo: Instagram: @ official__1the9

Sonwon currently the last of the participants who have already debuted for the second time. He is an artist of Rain Company and a member of the first male group of this label – Ciipher.

Ciipher debuted in March 2021, and Sonwon in the group of rappers and McNae. He has a stage name now There.


1THE9 Taewoo
Photo: Instagram: @ official__1the9

Theu will soon join his former teammates and also make his debut in a new band.

Although immediately after the breakup 1THE9 he returned to A Team Entertainment, he soon left the company, and in 2021 joined Keystone Entertainment, in the spring of 2022 he is to debut in a new group of the agency BLANK2Y.


1THE9 Taekhyeon
Photo: Instagram: @ th728

After the end of the contract as a participant 1THE9 Taehyun moved to Management Air. Since then, he has appeared in various dramas, including “Black dog»And«The flower of evil“In 2020 and”AT! Master»And«Racket boys»In 2021.

Taehyun hasn’t released music since 1THE9 ceased to exist as a group. You can find it Instagram account on the link.


1THE9 Seunghwan
Photo: Instagram: @ official__1the9

After the expiration of the contract as a member of the group 1THE9 Synhwan returned to Play M Entertainment. However, his exclusive contract with Play M (now IST Entertainment) expired in November 2020, and he left the agency.

In 2021, he joined the ranks of the show for survival LOUD from JYP Entertainment and P Nation. Unfortunately, he dropped out of the show after the first round of voting.

He used to actively update his page in Instagram, but now put her private status and seems to have deleted all the photos, as the information states that his publications are “0”. No more information was received about him.


1THE9 Jinsung
Photo: Instagram: @ official__1the9

Jinson also returned to Play M Entertainment, but left the company along with Synhvanom after his contract expired in November 2020. At the end of the same year, he deleted his Instagram account.

In February 2021, a former participant 1THE9 Hanlim graduated from art school with a fellow student Home. There is no more information about him at the moment.

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