When will “Stars in Africa” ​​be shown on TNT?

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Anatoly Tsoi again went to the TNT show “Stars in Africa”. He became the only participant of the new season who has already taken part in the project.

In the fall, he came to “Stars in Africa” ​​in the middle of the first season and immediately went to the test, and then on the move got into the nomination. In the final test of the episode, he refused to eat dishes of nauseating ingredients and voluntarily left the project. In the second season, Anatoly Tsoi comes from the first issue.

A scene from the show “Stars in Africa”. Photo: TNT channel

Recall stars are tested to get food for themselves and their team. If a participant realizes that he is unable to continue the competition, he simply shouts: “I am a star! Get me out of here! ” And leaves the project. However, the remaining members of the team will suffer because of him, because they will be left without food.

We will remind, Alena Vodonaeva, Karina Cross also entered the top ten, Natalia Rudova and Valya Carnival.

“Stars in Africa” start showing on February 27 at 19:00 on TNT.

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