When hot water is cut off in Rostov-on-Don, which areas in Rostov will be left without hot water in May 2022 |

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Due to preparations for the new heating season from 12 to 25 May, the center of Rostov and the West will be left without hot water.

Shutdowns will be within:

center: Pushkinskaya Street – Budennovsky Avenue – Serafimovich Street – Siversa Street – Markova Street – Lokomotivnaya Street – Mechnikova Street – Tekucheva Street – Chekhov Avenue, as well as on individual streets and alleys: Kurskaya, Tambovskaya, Voronezhskaya, Futbolnaya, Pavlenko, 20th street, lane Verkhoyansky and 2nd alley;

Western neighborhood: Malinovsky Avenue – Dovator Street – Madoyan Street – Strike Avenue – Litvinova Street – Street 2nd Volodarskogo – Zavodskaya Street – Kashirskaya Street, as well as in the Leventsovsky residential area and on individual streets and alleys: Peskova, Mashinostroitelny Lane, Razina, 3rd Ring, Trade Union.

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