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Fontaines DC sing about Nabokov, Ic3Peak fit with Grimes and Oli Sykes, Pusha T brings Kanye and Kid Kadi together for the last time on the same track, Hatchie brings us back to 1992 with madchester and shoegaze – these are fresh music summaries.

Main album of the week – Skinty Fia Fontaines DC It’s still the same angry, emphatically unfriendly to the listener post-punk, only even more aggressive and straightforward. On the third album, vocalist Grian Chatten suddenly sang about his homeland – both at home and away from himself. “Skinty Fia” is often covered with love lyrics, but at the right moments he takes a fig out of his pocket and talks about things more existential than love. “Skinty Fia” is an album about the fact that you are a stranger everywhere, except for your home walls, and that your love for these very walls is hopeless and sometimes unrequited.

Pop record of the week – Giving the World Away Australians Hatches. This is either pop, repeated by a madchester, a shoguise, or other catchy music from 1992, such as the band Saint Etienne, or vice versa. On one shelf in Hatchy’s list of influences are Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star and, for example, Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbrulla. It is audible.

Rap album of the week – «It’s Almost Dry: Pharrell vs. Ye » Pusha T. The title here quite directly reveals the content: the album really sounds like a producer’s competition of Kanye West and Farrell. Against his background, however, Pushkin’s skill is not lost at all. Important point: this is probably the last time we hear Kanye and Kida Kadi quarreling on the same track – Ye said that he would not remove his verse from the joint exclusively because of Pusha.

Russian album of the week – Kiss of Death Ic3Peak. The most accessible disc of the duo: such pop music in the company of Oli Sykes from BMTH and Grimes, only broken, deformed, constantly breaking into screams, whispers, Russian lullabies: guitars rattle, barrel bass sausages solo. Many are breaking copies of what Russian culture is in 2022. Well, here she is. And we will hold on to it.

Two singles that are definitely in our hearts forever – new track The Smilethe most touching work Thomas York for very, very many years, and another song Soccer Mommy, gloomiest. Another sad song – “Fly” Charistes: This is a pretty scary story about addictive relationships, painful addictions and experiences. “What the hell kind of love is when your head flies to the floor?” – a question that many asked themselves. And be sure to look mood video on this song.

A new song brings us back to the disturbing news of this spring Vas’ Funeral Season. In calm times, Narek Harutyunyants sang guitar ballads bright in the clear sky. Now everything has changed – every word here is like a dagger in the heart, wounded and so. He repeats to him in the voice acting of what is happening Oleg LSPwho wrote the song about how scary it is to live and want to escape. The song was written based on what is happening in a completely different country in 2020, but it sounds no less relevant now. Well, and another track on the rage of the day – y Almo (with clip): a song written in early February about how 15 years ago we had a real life and how we fucked it up. The motif “2022” in some places resembles Rake Noize MC, the author, perhaps the most topical songs a moment that is not (yet) on streaming.

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