“Daily Poster” looks at the list of fashion influencers and tells what they dream of and what they plan to buy.

Suzanne Varnina

@siuzannadaily. Singer and songwriter. April 8 releases the album “Supernova”, May 21 gives concert in St. Petersburg.

Fender bass guitar

A very sexy tool that reveals the lower chakra. I love to improvise in the studio and I’m going to buy my Precision (guitar model. – Ed. Note).

Vintage vinyl player

I want Japanese classics – a vintage Pioneer of the 70s and an amplifier of the same period to listen to your favorite music in attention and quality.

White Lexus LX SUV

I am very afraid to drive, but I know that I will do it very well! I am slowly learning traffic signs. Another of my favorites besides Lexus is Tesla.

Hermès Epice Marine and 1907 My Spice perfumes

I’m a real perfume maniac! I have about 30 perfumes in my collection, and I continue to replenish it. It’s important for me to “sound” perfect not only in terms of notes. My next bidder is Hermès Epice Marine and 1907 My Spice. In general, I want to create my own perfume. If you have a perfume brand and you want collaboration, hit me in direct.

Sconce LVG Crazy Horse

After perfume, my weakness is beautiful underwear. I love stylish, inspiring and exciting. The LVG and Chantal Thomass brands are my favorites.

Pendant Madre Kunst “Half Sun”

As a real woman, I adore jewelry and choose everything new and unusual. Madre Kunst falls under my desires, taste and mood.

House by the river

I want to build a house. So spacious that you can record an album with a bunch of invited musicians, draw pictures, eat, read books and enjoy life somewhere on the river.

New album “Supernova”

I want to listen to my new album on streaming platforms or on vinyl and cassette, with cover and lyrics, and enjoy it with my listeners. April 8 – “Supernova”! Save the date!