What’s in her bag: 9 strange items that celebrities carry in their handbags

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Money, cards, keys, phone and napkins are essentials to take with you wherever you go. But some stars seem to take with them much more than necessary. Some of them even carry a shark’s tooth in their wallet, which is not uncommon, as it can serve as a talisman of good luck. And some celebrities go even further and put in their bag a device that blocks radiation – just in case.

We found a few celebrities who surprise everyone, even those who know them well, with their incomprehensible items that they carry in their bags.

1. Emma Watson

Emma Watson really has a lot of different things in her bag. Friends even call her a “lady bag.” Predictably, she has a book and a diary with her. But among the most amazing things – a bottle of hot water, vegan deodorant, reusable makeup pads and… Nutella!

2. Miranda Kerr

Undoubtedly, Miranda Kerr takes great care of her skin and health. She is a supermodel and the founder of the genuine skin care brand Kora Organics. Not surprisingly, some of these or similar products can be found in her bag. But instead she has a device in her bag that blocks radiation. “I have a Tilys Biotech device on my phone to help deal with radiation. You can stick this sticker to help deal with electromagnetic fields. “

3. Shanina Shaik

Not surprisingly, people in handbags or wallets have many different cards, and the Australian model is no exception, well, almost. “I’m carrying an old photo of my husband on my passport,” the model admitted. “I also have the first card he gave me when he sent the flowers.”

4. Tyra Banks

It seems that Tyrou Banks is really hard to impress with the art of cooking. That’s why she carries sesame seeds and salt in her bag – they can really come in handy. “I go to one diner, but they don’t season their meat enough. I put seasoning salt with sesame seeds in a plastic bag and bring it to a restaurant to pour a little, ”she said in 2018.

5. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande carries some perfume with her, including a small bottle of men’s cologne. She explained, “He smells like a man I often miss when I’m on the road.” In addition, she has a small stone with the inscription “serenity”. Well, who doesn’t carry such a stone with them all the time?

6. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey loves pasta. But she is clearly crazy about truffles. Therefore, it is not surprising that in her bag you can find some related products. “I am crazy about truffles. I go with truffle salt, it’s part of my hotel rider. Truffle salt, truffle oil “.

7. Camilla Luddington

Camilla Luddington, the star of the series “Anatomy of Passion”, has a rubber duck in her bag. Why? Because of her daughter Hayden, whose teeth are being cut. “My daughter loves to chew on rubber bath toys, so I have a little rubber duck in my bag. She gnaws their teeth. “

8. Megan Traynor

American singer Megan Traynor constantly keeps Poo-Pourri in her bag. Wait a minute, toilet spray in her bag? You read correctly! “I take Poo-Pourri with me. Everywhere. He should be in every home, “said the singer. It seems that she means in every house and in every bag.

9. Adele

Adele learned to cook. She loves her son’s Sunday hot, favorite dish. She also loves fried potatoes and full English breakfasts. But she does not trust the choice of ketchup in restaurants. That’s why she always carries a little of her own in her bag. “I carry small bags of Heinz ketchup with me everywhere. Beyonce has hot sauce in her bag меня I have Heinz ketchup. ”

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