What will happen to Russian movies and TV series

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The Village has a great article “What will be the Russian TV series and movies after ***** “You can’t tell the truth – moreover, it is terribly traumatic”“.

Well, you can roughly imagine what will happen to all this, but here these questions are answered by leading Russian producers from studios and streaming platforms, it was very informative to read.

The Russian film and TV series industry is experiencing severe shocks. Simultaneous departure of Hollywood studios and international isolation, declining advertising revenue and purchasing power of the population, the difficult morale of society – all these factors affect the current and future state of the industry.

In this market, almost no one will benefit from the consequences of the * missed word *, and TV channels, platforms and movies will face various difficulties. The Village spoke with leading Russian producers from studios and streaming platforms who order and produce movies, TV series and other projects about what to expect next. All of them agreed to talk only on condition of anonymity. (read on)

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