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The big castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin is often photographed by paparazzi. It towers majestically over the surrounding village. The six-storey red brick mansion is decorated with marble on the outside. The roof of the palace and the tower around the perimeter are decorated with cast copper fences. The area of ​​the mansion is 3000 square meters.

Construction began in the early 2000s. It is known that the work was carried out for 7 years. At first, the villagers of Gryaz had no idea who would live there.

Castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin PHOTO: video screenshot

Now the castle is empty. There are rumors that the star couple may lose their elite property. The reason for the experience was given by the Ukrainian TV presenter and friend of the comedian Masha Efrosinina:

“We called the other day. Maxim’s appeals from the first days were a signal to me that, it turns out, it is possible to speak out and take the children. You can! So, it’s just a matter of internal choice. He lost everything. He did not give me the right to disclose details, but I will say this: there is no castle. Everything has been taken away, a criminal case is being prepared, it is being erased and blackened in the press according to the full program. That is, everything that artists in Russia are afraid of is happening to him. Euphrosyne to Ukrainian television.

Castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin PHOTO: video screenshot

We will remind, after the beginning of military actions of the Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine Maxim Galkin together with Alla Pugacheva and children flew to Israel. There are rumors that the artist will not return to Russia in the near future. In addition, in his video message, the humorist admitted that he lost his job (in the TV show “Tonight” he was replaced) and advertising contracts. His concerts in Russia began to be canceled, so he decided to rest and work – to perform a concert program in Israel.

Earlier, the editor-in-chief of the RT propaganda channel Margarita Simonyan named Galkin “a gay man who married an elderly woman for enrichment”. Her statement came after Maxim Galkin criticized the Russian government and the rocket fire in Odessa on April 23.

TV presenter condemned Latvian singer Laima Vaikule. In defense of Pugacheva and Galkin spoke also Igor Nikolaev.

It is worth noting that rumors that the castle of the star couple can be taken away, go from the first day of their departure from Russia. There was a version that the new owner could be the producer of “Laskovy May” Andrei Razin. Telegram-channel “Not Malakhov” notes that the property is most likely recorded on Pugachev and on the young children of artists.

Castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin PHOTO: video screenshot

Producer of the group “Affectionate May” really statedthat the creative center “Solar Circle”, of which he is president, is ready to consider Maxim Galkin’s proposal to sell the castle. Razin allegedly planned to place orphans in it.

Music critic Sergei Sosedov stressed that it is impossible by law to take away the castle from the star couple, writes. refers to the words of realtor Tatiana Vavilova, who notes that the potential owner of the property can cost a large sum. The cost of the castle can range from 500 million to a billion rubles (at the current rate – from 6.7 million euros to 13.4 million euros). But there are speculations that due to the fact that Alla Pugacheva lived in the house, its price may increase to 130 million euros.

By the way, according to the portal, there is already a buyer – a businessman whose name has not yet been named.

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