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Streaming services in Russia were mainly financed not through advertising, but through investments from corporations or venture funds. Despite the income from paid subscriptions, all these projects were investment and with a reserve “for the future”. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Among the problems of the services, one of the producers lists “the departure of some users due to reduced purchasing power, return of pirated resources, technical outflow of some users due to failed subscriptions through the AppStore and other online stores, loss of revenue from advertising monetization model.”

Some cite market mergers and acquisitions as possible options. In this case, the first to leave will be small and relatively independent services like More.TV. But the tendency to merge was noticeable even before the beginning of the * missed word * in the context of co-production and release of the series. For example, the series “Unreality”, which will be released in April 2022, became a joint streaming project of KION and Premier with TV-3.

There will be only more such projects. All the producers surveyed talk about reduced production costs and a less risky attitude towards new projects. The remaining platforms will in any case spend less money and try to share the risks – both with each other and with TV channels.

One of the producers notes that many high-budget platform projects have focused on the international market, and their cost was due to the need to be competitive in the West. Now the situation is changing. “Previously, the platforms selected projects that they had to sell. And now everyone understands that there will be nowhere to sell. Everyone took out of their portfolios projects that do not meet international standards, but will be watched. Instead of “Epidemic” there will be a TV series “Patriot”. If “Epidemic” could be sold on Netflix, then you will not sell the series “Patriot”. Not in terms of ideology, but in terms of fairly inexpensive production and not very original ideas, ”we were told in one studio.

Everyone took out of their portfolios projects that do not meet international standards, but will be watched. Instead of “Epidemic” there will be a series “Patriot”

At the same time, the situation is ambiguous – as noted by the producer of one of the platforms, previously a large amount of money was spent on licenses (foreign content), and now these expenses will no longer be.

The only positive side of the crisis, which is noted by many producers, is some calibration of the market. In recent years, the rapid development of streaming platforms, financed primarily by corporations, has led to rapid increases in production costs. There was a shortage of specialists in the market – directors, screenwriters, actors, and many others. Their rates will fall in the first place.

The bubble and shortage of staff led to the emergence of exclusive contracts in Russia – almost on the Hollywood model. Studios signed authors and actors, platforms made deals with studios, and many made “first look deals” a priority when ordering new projects. “Exclusives have flown now. Everyone is already working on a contract basis. In three weeks, everyone who was on the exclusive received letters that “unfortunately, sorry,” – said one of the producers.

Another interlocutor says that if before “it was such a huge growing bubble, when there was a shortage of staff and everyone set some unthinkable costs, comparable in some positions with Hollywood to * missed word *, now there is a task – to reduce by at least 20% production cost. And, probably, the directors, the authors, will be forced to moderate their appetites, which have grown a lot. “

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