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What was shown in the scenes after the titles of “Morbius” News

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Two scenes have appeared online after Morbius titles starring Jared Leto. By the way, some critics have complained about them in their reviews.

Briefly recount what was shown immediately after the finale of the picture.


Be careful, spoilers!

In the first scene after the titles, Adrian Tooms plays Michael Keaton – right in the prison cell. The news does not understand where he came from, so he is released. Apparently, the supervillain came from the universe in which the plot of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” unfolded.

In the second, Morbius meets Vulture, who has acquired a new costume. He blames Spider-Man for his move and invites the vampire to join him. Adrian seems to be collecting the Ominous Six to avenge his friendly neighbor.

The action of “Morbius”, we recall, takes place in the universe of “Venom”. It is still unclear whether there is Spider-Man in it. According to rumors, they may be Andrew Garfield, whose return is requested by many fans.

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