What Victoria Romanets looked like when she first appeared on “House-2”, and what she became

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The participant of the teleconstruction was noticeably prettier, losing extra weight.

Victor Romanets. Photo:

Young Victoria Romanets became one of the star participants of the project “House-2”. The spectacular brunette appeared on the TV set back in September 2014. Vike was only 24 at the time. The girl managed to please viewers, her name is still heard. Website I remembered what Romanets looked like in the first days of his stay on the House-2 project and what it became like years later. Interesting? All the details in our material.

Star "Home-2" Victoria Romanets
Victoria Romanets looks like a glossy model. Photo:

Victoria Romanets is a native of Donetsk. Appearing on the TV set, the beautiful brunette set a goal to take Bogdan Lenchuk away from Marina Afrikantova. However, in the end Vika had an affair with her husband Evgenia Feofilaktova – Anton Gusev.

Star "Home-2" Victoria Romanets
This is what Victoria Romanets looked like when she first came to “House-2”, but now the girl is noticeably prettier. Photo: frame from the air of “Doma-2”,

When Romanets first appeared on “House-2”, she was not much different from many other girls who passed the casting. However, over time, Victoria was completely transformed, giving her appearance gloss and glamor. From a plump girl with soft cheeks and a round face, Romanets has become a very attractive person. Now the TV show boasts sharpened cheekbones, a sharp chin, and more natural make-up. Even the shape of the eyebrow-threads has become more correct, natural.

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