what turned out to be the new “Fantastic Creatures”

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Mysterious magic has finally given way to cheap tricks.

In Russia, the blockbuster “Fantastic Creatures: Dumbledore’s Secrets” will appear only in online cinemas closer to summer, but now the portal PopCornNews has found out whether the trickery of the spin-off “Harry Potter” is worthy of attention. In short – yes, but with great reservations.

“All the same mistakes as in the last two films. Too cumbersome a movie that clumsily mixes adult and children’s themes and changes the mood too dramatically, “- write on Metacritic reviewers with IndieWire.

Empire celebrates the magnificent visual work of the artists, but sadly declares that the beautiful wrapper does not save the film from a terrible imbalance of themes: the creators seem to strive to fit inside everything and more. There are political intrigues with a clear copy of “Star Wars”, and too harsh scenes, and outright childishness.

However, there are moments when the new “Creatures” are fantastically good. These are the characters of Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen, who was able to surpass Johnny Depp in the role of Green de Wald, summarized in The Guardian:

“Mads Mikkelsen plays thinner than Depp, his character is more insidious, and his gray eyes no longer look so catchy. You can get a lot of pleasure from the film: there are several impressive duels of wizards and a large-scale scene with the promised in the title of fantastic creatures.

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