What to watch on the weekend: TOP-5 movies about finance

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Understand the principles of the stock market, penetrate the secrets of the world economy and see how people make millions – all this can be done in one evening! You just have to watch the right movies. We have collected for you exciting plots of cinema on the topic of finance.

What to watch on the weekend: TOP-5 movies about finance
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1. Wall Street (1987)

1985 Young broker Bad Fox conquers New York and dreams of being at the top of stock trading. But here’s the trouble – another extraordinary, albeit diligent employee, no one needs. “In this business, the poor, the smart, the hungry and the cold-blooded benefit,” Gordon Gecko reveals these and other secrets to the newcomer. The unscrupulous and greedy gatekeeper of the stock market is a career elevator for Fox’s clumsiness. For a couple, the heroes turn dubious deals, manipulate people and enjoy their victories. What price is each of them willing to pay for their financial freedom?

Oliver Stone’s drama shows the life of the world’s financial center, through which billions of dollars scroll. The tape can be considered a guide to the world of investment and brokerage. A kind of guide on how to make a fortune. The stories of the heroes Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas clearly show that not everyone can keep their human form on the path to wealth.

2. The Financial Monster (2016)

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TV presenter Lee Gates is a guide to the world of finance and Wall Street for his viewers. Every day, the showman gives ordinary people advice on where it is more profitable to invest savings. The broadcast of the next program is interrupted by a young guy who lost all his money the day before and now blames a financial expert for his troubles. The film crew is taken hostage by a desperate hard worker with a weapon at the ready. All of America is gathering in front of the TV to find out how this story will end.

Jodie Foster’s film hints at the intrigues and behind-the-scenes secrets of the financial world. To invest wisely, do not blindly follow the advice of even the most respected experts, as well as put all the eggs in one basket.

3. “Game of Thrones” (2015)

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Crisis times test people for strength. Businesses that survive turbulence are taking over the market. But the highest level in the financial chain of evolution is those who manage to make money from the crisis itself. The plot of the picture is dedicated to the employees of the hedge fund on Wall Street, who predicted the collapse of the world economy in 2008 and played on the decline of mortgage bonds, amassing a fortune. The brilliant game of the star landing (Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell) makes you sympathize with each character.

The film reveals in detail the specifics of securities and the emergence of the financial bubble. The terms are explained to the audience literally on the fingers, with imagination and irony. Behind the complex words are the greedy actions of the highest authorities in this world, which ultimately lead to the collapse of the economy. The tape shows that it is still possible to anticipate a stalemate and replay it to your advantage. To do this, you will need information, critical thinking and a sixth sense.

4. Risk Limit (2011)

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The global financial crisis of 2008 gave the cinema another legendary plot. Unlike “Game of Thrones”, the heroes of “Risk Limit” are trying not to earn, but to save the long-suffering economy. One of the largest American investment banks is on the verge of bankruptcy. Management has only 24 hours to find a way out of the crisis.

The whole action revolves around dialogues and reflections in the world of big economy. The director managed to convey an atmosphere of tension: when huge sums and lives of millions of people are at stake. After watching the film, you realize that natural disasters, wars and epidemics are not needed for global prosperity to collapse. One solution is enough.

5. “Default” (2018)

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The plot takes the viewer to South Korea in 1997. Officials are convinced that the country will have many years of stability and abundance, in fact – the day of national bankruptcy is very close. When the inevitable is obvious, the situation develops according to familiar scenarios: the dollar tends to space values, international investors leave the country with their money, financial professionals find loopholes to earn, and ordinary people lose their savings.

The plot of the Korean film demonstrates the cyclical nature of the story and very accurately conveys the atmosphere of instability. The film unfolds the stories of people from different walks of life: political debates are shown in parallel with the personal tragedy of the people. Hinting that the default is not about money, but about people.

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