What to watch next week? New seasons of the series from April 25 to May 1

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The second season of “Cancellation”, “Adult Toy” and “Duncanville” by Amy Poller.

April 25, Monday – Three Busy Debras

Season 2 / Comedy / Adult Swim

The series is about the surreal daily life of three housewives, each of whom is called Debra. The girls live in the prosperous suburban town of Lemoncourt, completely cut off from the rest of the world.

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Thursday, April 28 – Adult Toy / Made for Love

Season 2 / Drama, Fiction, Thriller / HBO Max

At the center of the show’s plot is a woman in her thirties named Hazel. She decides to run away from her despotic husband, billionaire Byron, after ten years of terrible marriage. But Hazel soon discovers that Byron has implanted a monitoring chip in her brain that allows him not only to track her whereabouts, but also to monitor Hazel and monitor her thoughts and feelings.

In the second season, Hazel has to return to the Hub to Byron to save his father, who has cancer. But once inside, she and her husband fall into the trap of Gogol’s latest revolutionary (and dangerous) technology.

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Friday, April 29 – Undone

Season 2 / Comedy, Drama, Fantasy / Amazon Prime

The series is about a girl named Alma. After a car accident in which she nearly died, she learns that she has gained the ability to travel through time and space. The girl decides to develop her gift to save her late father by preventing his death, but in an attempt to do so, Alma begins to ruin her own life.

In the second season, Alma will realize that in the past her family has even deeper secrets. However, no one among her relatives is interested in continuing to search for the truth. In the end, Alma convinces Becca, her sister, to help her. In search of answers, the sisters unravel a complex tangle of memories and realize that by healing the family trauma, they will be able to make their lives better.

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Sunday, May 1 – Duncanville

Season 3 / Comedy / Fox

The series tells the story of the adventures of 15-year-old Duncan Harris, his family and friends. Duncan lives with his mother, a security guard in the parking lot who dreams of one day becoming a detective, a father trying to be a better dad to Duncan than his father was to himself, Kimberly’s sister a perfectly normal teenager, and Jing’s foster sister an incredibly smart five-year-old. always giving Duncan advice.

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May 1 – Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

Season 2 / Food, Travel / CNN

Actor Stanley Tucci travels around Italy to discover the secrets of the country’s regional cuisines. With it, viewers will enjoy the sumptuous creamy carbonara in Rome, the delightful simplicity of Sicilian pasta, the silky risotto in Milan, the crunchy tenderness of a Florentine bistro and the world’s best pizza in Naples. Tucci shows how the diversity of Italian cuisine opens the door through which you can look into the history and culture of Italy.

In the second part, Stanley Tucci will go to Umbria, Venice and Piedmont.

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