What to see this week? Premieres of the series March 14 – 20

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“Didn’t Work” with Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway, the DMZ film adaptation and a new comedy with Amy Schumer.

March 14, Monday – Correction and Punishment

Comedy / TNT

The Verkholantsev oligarch dies suddenly, and his family immediately begins to share the inheritance. But getting it is not so simple: Verkholantsev’s accounts are either frozen or frozen. The family is convinced that the oligarch’s illegitimate daughter, who lives in the countryside and works as a deputy head of the colony, has the key. But, trying to gain access to the inheritance, they set fire to the girl’s house and go to the colony – exactly where the illegitimate daughter works.

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Thursday, March 17 – DMZ: Demilitarized Zone / DMZ

Drama, Fantasy / HBO Max

Screen adaptation of the comic book of the same name. The show takes place in America, torn apart by the Second Civil War. The series tells the story of Alma Ortega, a medic from New York, who, trying to find her missing son, becomes a symbol of hope for the trapped inside the demilitarized island of Manhattan.

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March 17 – Minx

Comedy / HBO Max

In the 1970s in Los Angeles, a young and dedicated feminist named Joyce teamed up with publisher Doug to begin publishing the first erotic magazine for women.

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March 17 – Welcome to Flatch

Comedy / Fox

The show is based on the British comedy “This Country”. The film crew of the documentary project goes to a small town. They focus on the daily lives of cousins ​​Kelly and Shrab Mallet and their entourage.

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March 18, Friday – Life & Beth

Comedy / Hulu

Beth lives in Manhattan, works as a wine distributor, earns well and has a long-term relationship with an attractive and successful guy. But after an unexpected incident, she begins to remember her teenage years and how she became who she became.

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March 18 – Not worked / WeCrashed

Drama / Apple TV +

The project will tell about the rise and fall of the world’s largest coworking network WeWork. In less than ten years, the company has grown from a coworking space into a global brand worth $ 47 billion. But then, less than a year later, its value fell by $ 40 billion. What happened?

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