What to see this week? Premieres of the series April 11 – 17

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Cecilia Ahern’s “Loudly Loud”, “Anatomy of a Scandal” and the film adaptation of Hugh Laurie’s Agatha Christie’s novel.

Tuesday, April 12 – Why not Evans? / Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?

Drama, detective, thriller / BritBox

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Agatha Christie. After Bobby Jones, the son of a local vicar, and his girlfriend Lucy Boynton find the body of a dying man, they decide to try to solve his murder. It’s all about the mysterious question a man says before he dies: “Why didn’t you ask Evans?” Hugh Laurie is responsible for creating the show – he wrote, directed and produced all episodes of the project.

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April 14, Thursday – Killing It

Comedy / Peacock

The new series from the team that created the comedy “Brooklyn 9-9” will tell about a man who is ready to do anything to realize his American dream.

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April 15, Friday – Anatomy of a Scandal

Drama, thriller / Netflix

Screen adaptation of Sarah Vaughan’s novel. When James Whitehouse, a member of the British government, is accused of rape and subsequent concealment of the crime, his wife Sophie immediately defends him. She is sure that her husband is innocent. Of course, Kate Woodcroft’s lawyer, who is defending the victim, disagrees with her.

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April 15 – Outer Range

Drama, Detective / Amazon Prime

Royal Abbott is a rancher in Wyoming who has to fight for his family and land. But his already difficult life becomes even more difficult when a mysterious black void appears on his western pasture.

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April 15 – Swimming with Sharks

Drama / Roku

The series is based on the 1994 film of the same name. A young girl named Lou gets a job as an assistant to the head of the film studio. Lou is surrounded by manipulators and intriguers, ready to do anything to achieve their goal. But none of them know yet that Lou herself can outwit everyone. Starring Kirnan Shipka and Diane Krueger.

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April 15 – Roar

Comedy, Drama / Apple TV +

The show, based on a collection by Cecilia Ahern, will tell eight independent stories about a familiar experience that women rarely talk about out loud. All series will be shot in different genres – genres from magical realism to psychological horror.

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April 17, Sunday – The First Lady

Drama / Showtime

A series with Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning and Gillian Anderson, who will talk about the role of the first lady in America. The first part will be dedicated to Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt and Betty Ford.

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