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Movie premieres have been canceled in cinemas across the country due to a special operation in Ukraine. On the big screens, we will never see “Batman”, “Morbius” and the cartoon “I’m blushing”, as well as a number of other planned pictures. However, Krasnoyarsk distributors have found a way out of the critical situation – cinemas will once again start showing the “classics” of cinema. The NGS24.RU editorial office has learned which films can now be seen in movies.

The schedule of “Cinema Park” now includes foreign films released a few weeks ago: “Death on the Nile”, “Lulu and Briggs”, “Ancharted: Not on the maps”, as well as new Russian films – “I want to get married” and “Mr. knockout”. Also on the screens will be shown “Hard Nut”, “New Spider-Man”, the picture came out this year and was a success among fans of superheroes, “Bodyguard” in 1992, the famous Miyazaki cartoon “My Neighbor Totoro” and even “Godfather” .

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