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When you have motivation, everything seems achievable. When it is not enough, it is difficult to do even the simplest things. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to get motivated is to read good literature. We have selected 7 books that will help find a stimulus.

“Hardness of character. How to develop the main quality of successful people “

Author: Angela Duckworth

Which of the first graders will finish school with a gold medal? Which of the young violinists will become an outstanding musician? Which of the hired sales managers will make multimillion-dollar deals? Angela Duckworth believes that she can answer these questions with almost 100% accuracy.

She argues that human success has little to do with talent and innate abilities. Real achievements are determined by completely different qualities. And it’s hard not to believe her. All her childhood she heard from her father: “No, you are definitely not a genius”, and at the age of 35 she received the Mark Arthur Award, which is called the “grant of genius”. All over the world, this award is equivalent to the official recognition of the genius of the person to whom it is awarded.

“Awaken the giant in you”

Author: Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins is definitely a leader in self-help. He has courses, books, videos and many other information bombs, but Awaken the Giant has always been one of the most popular self-help books of all time. The main message is to take responsibility for your life in all important aspects: emotional, physical, mental and financial. All these important parts come together and work together to be more successful. Only when you are at the peak of performance in all categories can you really be a better version of yourself.

“Drive: What really motivates us”

Author: Daniel Pink

What really motivates people to achieve outstanding results? You may have thought, of course, it’s money. Lots of money. After all, people work for money, and the practice of “do A and I’ll give you B” has become almost a classic of management. It’s amazing to hear that this is fundamentally wrong! So what techniques actually work? About this – in the book “Drive: What really motivates us” one of the best business analysts in the world Daniel Pink.

“The art of thinking big”

Author: David J. Schwartz

This inspiring book offers the reader useful techniques that can be used to get the most out of your career, marriage and family life, as well as society. The author argues that people do not have to live in a world full of scientists or have the natural talent to be successful. However, people need to learn certain habits that will allow them to be successful in everything they do.

Readers find this an inspiring book that teaches the reader how to live outside of their daily routine. It encourages people to go beyond their comfort zone and try new things to achieve success that they have not yet been able to achieve in life.

“The way of the artist”

Author: Julia Cameron

Sometimes you feel on the verge of a great accomplishment, discovery and breakthrough. You promise to start playing sports seriously, write a book, embroider a big picture, start a business. But for some reason you don’t start. How to deal with the fear of starting and taking the first step? This is very well taught by the American Julia Cameron in the book “The Artist’s Path”. An artist is any of us who wants something more from life. The magic of this book is difficult to comprehend and understand, but it is truly inspiring. No revolution, we are moving towards the goal in small steps with the help of a few everyday practices. We make ourselves happy with a pleasant little thing, we arrange a walk without a goal every week, in the morning we spend the obligatory 10 minutes to record the flow of consciousness. And most importantly – love yourself.

“Don’t put it off until tomorrow. A brief guide to combating procrastination “

Author: Timothy Pichil

Why do we sabotage our best intentions with our own hands? How can we get rid of procrastination? The book “Don’t put it off until tomorrow. A Quick Guide to Combating Procrastination is based on current research in psychology and offers clear strategies for combating procrastination and destructive habits. Author – Timothy Pichil, Professor of Psychology at Carleton University. He has been researching and writing about procrastination since 1995.

“Damn it all! Take action and do it! ”

Author: Richard Branson

Richard Branson is not just a talented entrepreneur who has built a unique Virgin brand, uniting several dozen completely different businesses, he is also a bright, unusual person. Branson’s book is a manifesto of life, action, risk. The credo of its author is to take everything from life. This means not being afraid to do what you want. It doesn’t matter if you have enough knowledge, experience or education. Life is short to spend it on things that are not fun. If you have a head on your shoulders and enough enthusiasm in your heart, any goal will be possible. If you like something – do it, you don’t like it – throw it away without thinking. The book carries a huge charge of optimism, wisdom and faith in the capabilities of each person.

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