what the “sultans” Pelin Karakhan and Burju Ozberk look like years later

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Both actresses woke up famous after filming in the Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century”.

One is Suleiman's daughter, the other is Ibrahim: what the
Pelin Karahan and Burju Ozberk. Photo: frame from the TV series “Magnificent Century”

Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century” has become one of the most popular historical projects around the world. And although the film about Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was released more than ten years ago, since then the series has been repeated several times on TV, it has not lost its popularity. And the army of fans of the project is growing. Website Teleprogramma.pro suggests recalling which actresses got the roles of the daughters of Sultan Ibrahim Pasha and Sultan Suleiman. We also have fresh pictures of the stars who played Mihrimah Sultan and Khurijihan Sultan.

Mihrimah Sultan

That’s it Pelin Karahan many of her fans remember the series “Magnificent Century”. In the image of Mihrimah Sultan – the daughter of Haseki Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Sultan and Sultan Suleiman – the actress appeared brown-haired with long hair.

Star "Magnificent century" Pelin Karahan
Pelin Karahan in the image of Mihrimah Sultan. Photo: frame from the TV series “Magnificent Century”

After filming, Pelin managed to change her color into a honey blonde. The facial features of the actress sharpened, losing her former maiden tenderness and innocence. Now the star of “Magnificent Century” looks like a glamorous diva. Hollywood curls, perfect eyebrow shape, expensive makeup, branded clothes, bold look. There is no trace of the modest Sultan Mihrimah.

Star "Magnificent century" Pelin Karahan
Pelin Karahan with honey hair became similar to Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska sultan. Photo: personal archive

Hurdjihan Sultan

Bourgeois Osberk played the role of Ibrahim Pasha’s daughter. She was also called the Sultan, as her mother Hatice Sultan was the sister of Sultan Suleiman. According to the script, Khurijikhan Sultan falls in love with Shehzad Bayazid and he reciprocates. Lovers spend a secret nickname, which is still known in the palace.

Star "Magnificent century" Bourgeois Osberk
Burju Ozberk in the image of Hurijihan Sultan. Photo: frame from the TV series “Magnificent Century”

In ordinary life, Burju Osberk looks almost like her character. The pretty and attractive brown-haired girl has hardly changed since the filming of “Magnificent Century”. Only the outfits of the actress differ from those worn in the series Khurijikhan Sultan.

Star "Magnificent century" Bourgeois Osberk
Bourgeois Osberk looks little different from the image of a gentle sultan. Photo: personal archive

Bourgeois boasts a model figure, a mane of thick shiny hair and a very charming appearance. No wonder the actress was credited with romances with the most enviable Turkish bachelors.

Star "Magnificent century" Bourgeois Osberk
Burju Osberk boasts a model figure and a luxurious head of thick hair. Photo: personal archive

Bourgeois’s career is no less successful. She is actively filmed in TV series. Mostly in modern, without historical themes.

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