What now looks like 59-year-old star of the series “Just Maria” Victoria Ruffo

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The tireless actress is well-behaved and cheerful.

Victoria Ruffo. Series “Just Maria” / 1989-1990 / Mexico

Mexican actress Victoria Ruffo fell in love with our viewers on the series “Just Maria”. It was shown in Mexico in 1989, and in Russia in 1993.

The story in the spirit of Cinderella, who fell in love with the rich Juan Carlos del Villar, was to the liking of our inexperienced viewer. And so far there are many Russian-speaking fans on her social networks.

The day before, the 59-year-old star demonstrated her playful character by recording a dance video for the 90’s hit Coco Jamboo. Followers noticed that their favorite looks great, cheerful and fun.

Note that Victoria Ruffo has been married twice and has three children. In her first marriage to actor Eugenio Derbes, she had a son, Jose Eduardo. In the second, with Mexican politician Omar Fayyad, she gave birth to twins – Victoria and Anwar. At one time, for the sake of their upbringing, she left her acting career, but then returned to work.

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