what movies have been released in theaters since March 31

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What movies have been released in cinemas since March 31.

The heroine draws emotions from men. Photo: frame from the movie
  • “Maid’s Novel” (original title – Mothering Sunday), 2021, UK, melodrama.
  • Director: Eva Hasson. Starring: Odessa Young, Josh O’Connor and others.
  • In the Russian rental from March 31.
A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie “The Maid’s Novel”

The plump maid Jane makes love to a rich young man who lives next door to the house where she serves. In the yard in the twenties of the last century, and such an adulterer could turn into an unprecedented scandal, but the problem is solved simply and sadly – the young man dies in a car accident.

With a strong emotional charge, Jane becomes a writer, meets a black man studying philosophy (I wonder if there were many Negro philosophers in England at the beginning of the last century?), And, fueled by emotions from a new lover, rushes to creative heights.

If “The Maid’s Novel” somehow magically flew into Soviet cinemas and did not fall under censorship scissors, it would be a sensation – the amount of naked nature here, even by modern standards, balances on the verge of decency. Almost half of the film Jane and her lover walk around the screen naked, which, apparently, has some very important but elusive meaning.

Director Eva Hasson pays more attention to form than content: she brightens up bed scenes with sharp time jumps, when Jane, who has just moaned in her boyfriend’s arms, suddenly appears before us as a rather unpleasant old woman who remembers her youth, and then just as quickly goes to hugs to another gentleman, the aforementioned African-British philosopher. With such an approach to plot construction, you can’t make a good novel or a good film – however, if the director wanted to show the chaos in the head of a woman in love, she probably achieved her goal.

  • “Siege” (original name – American Siege), 2021, USA, thriller.
  • Director: Edward Drake. Starring: Timothy W. Murphy, Bruce Willis and others.
  • In the Russian rental from March 31.
Frame from the movie
Frame from the movie “Siege”

Do not believe the TV commercial, in which the fit Bruce Willis runs, jumps and strums on the guitar – in reality, the actor looks older than his 67 years, has difficulty moving and uttering remarks. To be convinced of this, it is enough to watch his new opus: not even a small, but a micro-budget thriller, in which the sheriff, who is forced to deal with a dangerous gang that took the hostage, is no longer a tough nut to crack.

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