what movies have been released in cinemas since April 7

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What movies have been released in cinemas since April 7.

Jonathan Reese Myers is looking for his brother. Photo: frame from the movie
  • “Harry Huft: The Last Fight” (original title – The Survivor), 2021, USA, drama.
  • Director: Barry Levinson. Starring: Ben Foster, Danny DeVito and others.
  • In the Russian rental from April 7.
A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie “Harry Huft: The Last Fight”

Harry Haft, an American with Polish roots, was a good boxer and even fought the great Rocky Marciano once – Harry later claimed that he was forced to lose that fight by the Italian mafia. But there were even brighter pages in his biography: Haft began boxing in… Auschwitz, where he fought with other prisoners to amuse the SS. It’s even strange that, having survived in such conditions, Harry was later scared of some mobsters.

  • “Everything Everywhere All At Once” (original title – Everything Everywhere All at Once), 2022, USA, fiction.
  • Directors: Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert. Starring: Michelle Yeo, Jamie Lee Curtis and others.
  • In the Russian rental from April 7.
Frame from the movie
Frame from the movie “Everything is everywhere”

Michelle Yeo, who famously waved her legs and arms in 1997 as James Bond’s partner in Tomorrow Will Never Die, is forced to reminisce about her fighting skills on the eve of her 60th birthday. In the new fantasy comedy, the ex- “Miss Malaysia” plays an elderly housewife who discovers access to many parallel realities in which she can be anyone – including a master of martial arts.

  • “Hide and Seek” (original title – Hide and Seek), 2021, USA, thriller.
  • Director: Joel Moore. Starring: Jonathan Reese Myers, Joe Pantolino and others.
  • In the Russian rental from April 7.

Shot from the movie
Shot from the movie “Hide and Seek”

Noah Blackwell, a sleek man who has just inherited a large family business, lives in a luxury apartment in Manhattan with his wife and children. However, Noah’s soul is out of place, because somewhere in the New York slums suffers his wayward brother, with whom he is supposed to share the inheritance.

Therefore, Noah makes regular trips to the troubled Queens (for a resident of Manhattan, this is equivalent to a trip from “Moscow City” to Biryulevo) and wanders the floors of a half-abandoned house in search of a troubled relative. And in the house there is a maniac who hides his face under a motorcycle helmet and takes aim at a visiting rich man together with all his prosperous family…

At the start of Woody Allen’s brilliant film “Match Point”, the tennis player describes a situation that his colleagues call netball: the ball touches the net after hitting, hangs over it for a moment, and then falls on someone else’s half of the court (and you won) , or on yours (lost). The career of Irishman Jonathan Reese Myers, who played the main role in “Match Point”, has been full of such netballs in recent years – the actor seems to hit the ball with all his might, but he hits the net and hangs over it, constantly falling on his side.

And it seems that with alcohol, which prevented Jonathan from working properly, he finally tied up, but films with his participation are at best indistinct (“Hide and Seek”, alas, is no exception). The artist, who is only 44 years old, seems to be far from retirement – however, by tennis standards, Reese Myers is already a hopeless veteran, who, apparently, it’s time to think about covering the racket.

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