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In difficult times, it is especially important to have a collection of content ready to save you from experiences.

Since the end of February, the info field is overloaded with negative news, prices for many goods are rising, and foreign companies suspend work in Russia. Many are saved by favorite movies, books, games, comics or music. They distract from unpleasant thoughts and ideally help to overcome them.

For me, video games have become a “protection” from the news. I have been interested in them for a long time, but now I choose something effortless and plot-oriented – for example, Life is Strange: True Colors, where the main character is able to read people’s emotions and help them cope with stress and fears. And games for two have started, as everything becomes more fun and easier with my partner.

I know that some of my acquaintances have given up watching dramatic films in favor of comedies, and fans of grim series have switched to sitcoms, where difficulties are solved in 20 minutes. AND someone replaced detective novels with books on psychology to protect against anxiety.

Tell us how your leisure time has changed recently. Have you given up horror and thrillers in favor of family movies? Did you find an outlet in comics or play video games more often? Maybe you started reading less news and social networks? Or maybe you have enough familiar content – or just nothing helps?

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