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What kind of pension does Pugacheva receive, not wanting to be supported by her young husband?

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The diva once mentioned that she was not used to living at the expense of her husbands.

Galkin will feed Alla!  What kind of pension does Pugacheva receive who does not want to be dependent?
Alla Pugacheva. Photo: Larisa Kudryavtseva / KP

In one of his interviews Alla Pugacheva she once mentioned that she was not used to living on her husbands’ money. The Prima Donna thought this was fundamentally wrong. The singer once performed a lot, toured cities and towns, fully providing for herself. The actress hinted that living on her husband’s maintenance is not for her at all. The Prima Donna spoke about this three years ago. Then, as the singer convinced, showman Maxim Galkin no-no, but let her go to concerts. However, the TV presenter himself said that Alla Borisovna was completely focused on children.

He became a gainer in the family Maxim Galkin. According to the showman, it was with him that Alla understood what it means to be married. Maxim brought the Prima Donna to his house, doing for the first time what the artist’s ex-husbands had not done before him. Alla Borisovna agreed to move to a castle in the village of Gryaz near Moscow, leaving her dacha near Istra in Maly Berezhki.

Singer Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin
Alla Pugacheva receives a decent pension, but it is hardly enough to support the staff of servants in the castle in the village of Dirt. Photo: personal archive

By the way, Alla Pugacheva has a decent pension. As they write, the singer receives about 55 thousand rubles. Of course, the artist could hardly keep the staff in the castle for that amount. However, all the issues with the payment of bills have long been taken over by Galkin.

According to the showman, in their house, Alla is engaged only in what brings her pleasure and joy. Galkin, for example, does not forbid his wife to change something in the interior. If the Prima Donna suddenly wants to hang the curtains, buy something for the house, she can do it safely. However, Alla Borisovna is not interested in special expenses and does not delve into issues of retribution.

“She is not even aware of everything that concerns the economy: neither how much it costs, nor what services they do. She is absolutely free from it, “said the showman in the YouTube project” How to talk? “.

Singer Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin and twins Harry and Lisa
Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin and twins Harry and Lisa in the Moscow suburb of Gryaz. Photo: personal archive.

Now Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with twins Harry and Lisa are vacationing in Israel. According to rumors, the Prima Donna rented a three-storey villa with a swimming pool in the small town of Caesarea. Even on vacation, the TV presenter does not sit idle. He is going to give a tour in Israel, performing a comedy program from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The most budget tickets will cost from 6 thousand rubles, the best places – about 10 thousand rubles.

So the showman found an alternative source of income abroad. Galkin, as the Ukrainian singer said Andrey Danilko, was left without advertising contracts. Well, savings tend to run out. And the diva’s pension should not be expected. That’s why Maxim doesn’t give himself a chance to relax. He has always been a hard worker.

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