What kind of movie will Tver cinemas show in the regime of Western sanctions

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Rental companies are betting on Europe, independent film companies and restarting cult films.

Due to geopolitical tensions in the west of the Russian Federation, many Hollywood studios refused to show the expected new products on the domestic market. We are talking about such giants as Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Sony and others, which did not release “Batman”, “Morbius”, “Doctor Strange” and “Thor”. This, of course, has hit the business hard, and in the long run it could destroy the Russian film distribution industry.

The correspondent of talked to the film distribution manager of the Zvezda cinema in Tver, Irina Ermilova, and found out how the management plans to survive the stressful time.

The lion’s share of revenue, about 80%, was brought to our cinemas by Hollywood products. However, in the opposite direction, the market works exactly the opposite. So, the sensational film “Spider-Man. No Way Home “has grossed $ 1.87 billion worldwide, making it one of the ten highest-grossing films in human history. According to Kinopoiska, in Russia this film collected only 46.1 million dollars or 2.47% of world collections. As a result, it will be much more painful for domestic distributors to lose the Western “money pipeline” than for the United States to abandon Russia.

As for the current situation as a whole, at the moment all the representatives of the film industry are in slight shock. The situation is changing so fast that it is pointless to look ahead and make any predictions today.

“We are in the process of adapting to the new reality. Now everything is moving, everything is changing every day. Some films continue to leave the market. Some independent European distributors, on the other hand, offer us rental. However, there are not so many of them, ”Irina Ermilova said.

The import substitution policy in the film industry is far from working in the way that renters would like. After all, the most important thing is to provide the masses with a popular product, which in Russia, unfortunately, is not so much produced.

Nor should we forget about the “past” of the Russians. We have no equal in achieving our goals, because any obstacles serve as fuel for further development. That is why it is no secret that in the event of the departure of Hollywood studios from the official market of the Russian Federation, the domestic audience will go “underground” to the black market of pirated products. Even many experts, including parliamentarians, joke about the official permission of torrent trackers.

“Russian distributors offer us to re-release a number of films. However, it is now difficult to say whether this type of content will be in demand. The main consumer is young people who grew up in Hollywood cinema. We all understand perfectly well that it will be impossible to change something overnight. And domestic producers do not offer anything really bright and new, – added Irina Ermilova.

Zvezda’s Tver Cinema Rental Manager noted that at the moment there is a demand for the so-called “second screen”, ie the relaunch of cult films. Now they are showing the Godfather tape again, and it is in quite good demand. Next, Zvezda plans to work with “Brother” and “Brother 2”. In addition, Ancharted, Death on the Nile and others are currently being rented out.

“Everything that is extended to us, we will pull, so to speak. How the releases of small film companies will work, no one knows yet. Now we are expanding the line of film distribution by quantity, but not by quality. The main goal for us is to save jobs. So we will adapt. Most likely, we will reduce the mode of operation. The cinema has been operating since 1937. He survived the Great Patriotic War, the collapse of the USSR, the default of 1998, so we will continue to try to come up with something and delight the audience with good tapes, “- added with sadness in her voice Irina Ermilova.

We will remind, in the current difficult economic situation citizens, and also representatives of small and average business received the right to credit vacation if the loan agreement was concluded before March 1, 2022. They will be able to apply to the creditor until September 30 to request deferral of payments.

The key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation was raised to a record 20% in the history of Russia. From March 1, Sberbank raised rates on major mortgage programs by 7.3 percentage points to 18.6% per annum. The terms of loans secured by real estate were revised just with the decision of the Central Bank. This led to growing demand for new buildings in the Tver region.

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