What is your favorite title song Red Velvet? Netizens discuss 5 favorite songs

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At the online community forum, netizens discussed their favorite SM women’s title songs. Although it is difficult to choose only one, here are five title songs that the netizens themselves have chosen:

Ice Cream Cake (2015)

Russian Roulette (2016)

Red Flavor (2017)

Bad Boy (2018)

Psycho (2019)

Then the author of the post, where the results were published, asked Internet users to name their favorites, which could well be in the top five “favorite” songs Red Velvet!!

Some reactions included interesting options:

«Please turn on Peek-A-Boo T__T»

«Where’s Peek-A-Boo ???»

«Russian Roulette…»

«I’ve always loved Red Flavor, but lately I’ve liked Queendom»

«Russian Roulette and Psycho»

«Russian Roulette»

«Red Flavor»

«I think most of all I listen to Russian Roulette но it’s definitely a long-running thing»


«Psycho is a crazy song, but my favorite»

«I would choose Peek-A-Boo instead of Bad boy»

«Russian Roulette»


«I’m sorry that Dumb Dumb didn’t get on this list»

«I can’t choose between Russian Roulette and Psycho»

And what is your favorite title song Red Velvet?

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