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After the manager of the bath complex Sergei Anastasia Volochkova got another gentleman related to the steam room and broom – lucky was the businessman Dmitry

Dmitry is almost twice as young as Nastya, but due to his solid size he can even marry her peer. Photo: Instagram

Young blood

So, the 46-year-old ballerina is dating a man who is almost twice her age – Dmitry Korneyev is only 24. The ballerina is still happy with Dima: “We have many common interests. Today we held a joint lesson and training in my ballet hall… It’s so nice to share one space together… Yes – young blood. If a person is good with me, despite my age, it also says a lot. “

Volochkova did not hide that the new novel began quickly. On February 13, they met, and on the morning of the 14th, the two of them were already celebrating Valentine’s Day in Nastya’s mansion near Moscow. How did Dmitry conquer the sophisticated secular lioness?

Korneev works in the company of his father – the company builds wooden houses, gazebos and – attention! – baths. How can we not remember that next to Nastya there was already a man who had the most direct relation to the baths. Korneev came out to Volochkova with a proposal – to build a wooden gazebo in the yard of her country house.

The usual barter for the stars was supposed: after receiving a gift, the artist in return advertises on Instagram the donor. It was not possible to agree on a gazebo in the ballerina’s estate, but the young businessman became interested in Volochkov, and another project was devised – to install a large carved gazebo in the park of Krasnogorsk. Volochkova lives in the Krasnogorsk district, and the building would be a gift to locals. Well, then – love, carrots, a flash of passion, in general, according to a familiar scenario.

The gentleman has already taken the ballerina in his Mercedes to Kaluga, Korneyev’s hometown, where his family company is based. The couple visited the holy places several times: they visited the Optina desert, the New Jerusalem Monastery. He calls his Dima Volochkov a “good and close friend” and even admits that “friendly sex” with him is very bright.

The specialist in friendly sex has already visited Volochkova on the set of the program “In fact”. For him it is an interesting experience, for Nastya – work (the ballerina receives for participation in various talk shows for half a million rubles). Dima is also starting to earn money, because Volochkova is constantly advertising his company on social networks.

However, Dmitry’s ex-girlfriend Daria Pavlovskaya decided to add a spoonful of tar to this love story. Daria said that it was not Dima himself who was rich, but his father, while she, his ex-girlfriend, continued to pay the loan for his expensive iPhone. Volochkova believes that Dasha is taking revenge on Korneyev, and claims that her lover is not a beggar at all.

“Just a short novel”

Volochkova’s previous cavalier looked tighter, but the ballerina quickly got tired of the relief muscles. Photo: Instagram

By the way, about ordinary people: as we have already mentioned, 44-year-old Sergei Kuznetsov, the manager of a bath complex near Moscow, whom Anastasia met in December during the filming of the show “Let’s get married!”, Was next to the ballerina. The couple celebrated the New Year together, then Kuznetsov and Volochkova flew to the Maldives, returned, celebrated the ballerina’s birthday…

And soon parted. Why? At the beginning of this year, Volochkova praised Kuznetsov: “We have been together for only three weeks, but we are experiencing such a surge of emotions that many couples who have been married for decades do not experience.”

And then the ballerina spoke differently: “I met him especially to spend the New Year with someone and make a romantic trip. The man managed to taste all the fruits of PR, and I knew from the beginning that this is just another short novel. That’s all! “

Meanwhile, new details of “another short novel” are becoming known. Volochkova lived with Sergei in the Maldives at a villa she rented, but the groom had to pay 250,000 rubles for air tickets. Kuznetsov planned to open the Volochkov Baths and then a fitness center, and offered Nastya to invest 12 million rubles in the construction. The ballerina did not give money.

And then she got angry with Kuznetsov: he wanted to house his 6-year-old son in the mansion of the star (allegedly the boy’s relationship with his mother, the former wife of a bather) had deteriorated; he never had money, but he always had the desire to give interviews and show off in front of the cameras…

By the way, rumors about Kuznetsov’s criminal past turned out to be a duck – he has no criminal record: on one of the TV shows his data was confused with the biography of another Sergei Kuznetsov. But it is unlikely that this information will force Volochkov to change his attitude to the negligent bather.

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