what impoverished Sergei Zverev turned his life into

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The odious stylist was left with almost no means of subsistence.

For the fourth year in a row, Zverev has been fighting endlessly with the negligent management of his ZhEK and haters who secretly film him on the street, and all this is happening against the background of the once main fan of the Russian scene outrage.

“What income? Was he at all? No. I was never shy about it and always said it. This is the time. And salons are closing, and boutiques, and fashion houses, “- shares the revelations of Zverev, adding that he even has a plan on how to get out of trouble.

Sergei decided to apply to fashion designers and even came up with several collections of fashionable clothes, but to realize the idea he needs sponsors, the stylist admits:

“It’s a huge investment, both moral and material, so I, so to speak, now, probably would not pull. But I have a huge number of sketches. “

Well, for now – there are no sponsors or money, and all that remains for Zverev – continue to swear at ZhEK, the head of which does not give a normal life to the whole house.

“She took out two closets, which for some reason prevented her. She took out a floor lamp. We had a floor lamp, you know, he had a blue sconce. And there was a lot of savings at night. Why is the whole entrance burning? Everything remained at the same level. Residents of the house are waiting for one manager to die, ”Zverev laments in an interview with 5-tv.

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