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Agrippina Steklova fell in love with the audience in the series “Ship”, the drama “It’s not forever” and other famous paintings. She has played more than 70 roles in her career, but the path to recognition has not been easy for her. As a child, Agrippina was ashamed of her red hair and unusual name, and as a teenager she experienced the betrayal of her father – the famous actor Vladimir Steklov.

Famous artist Vladimir Steklov is the father of three daughters. The youngest heiress of the star was born only four years ago, and the oldest is 49 years old. Agrippina Steklova always adored her father so much that she not only followed in his footsteps, but also forgave him for leaving the family for another woman.

Agrippina was born in the actor’s first marriage. Ludmila Moschenskaya, the artist’s wife, gave him a daughter in 1973. Steklov’s heiress grew up a very shy child. Agrippina was ashamed of her unusual name and fiery red hair, but her creative genes made themselves felt. As a child, the girl began to appear on the stage of the theater, and at the age of 16 she played in a movie for the first time. After graduating from school, the girl wanted to enter the Faculty of Journalism, but fate decided otherwise. Her desire for the acting profession led her to GITIS.

Vladimir Steklov did not spare his daughter’s soul, however, he left the family when she was 17 years old. After joining Lenkom, the actor met a new love in the person of Alexandra Zakharova and thought about divorce. Vladimir did not dare to tell the heiress about everything at once – he knew that she would take the news very hard. Agrippina was tormented by resentment against her father, but it had little effect on their relationship. The daughter did not interrupt communication with the parent and eventually forgave him for leaving the family.

In the second year of theatrical Steklov she became pregnant and gave birth to her eldest son, without missing almost a day of study. Daniel became an illegitimate child – Agrippina never named the boy’s father. In 1995, the young mother successfully received an education and entered the service of Satyricon. The theater not only became her second home, but also gave her a fateful meeting with her future husband.

The actress Vladimir Bolshov became the chosen actress. At the time of acquaintance with his beloved, Vladimir was raising his daughter Masha – almost the same age as Daniel. The children grew up together as a marriage and a sister, and their parents registered their relationship only 10 years later. Today, the couple have been together for about 20 years.

Agrippina Steklova is now 49 years old. She became a wonderful wife, mother, stepmother and succeeded in her career. Steklova’s son and stepdaughter have long since grown up and followed in their parents’ footsteps, and the actress herself is still in high demand in cinema. Last year, six new films starring her were released.


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