What happened to the main star of “Full House” Regina Dubovitskaya

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The TV presenter has been married to physicist Yuri Aivazyan for more than 50 years

Regina Dubovitskaya fans know her as the constant host of the humorous program “Full House”. She was looking for young talents, making them real stars. Thanks to this program, the audience discovered Vladimir Vinokur, Viktor Koklyushkin, Efim Shifrin, Elena Vorobey, Mikhail Evdokimov and many others.

Little Regina Dubovitskaya with her parents. Photo: frame from the program “The Fate of Man”

Regina Dubovitskaya was born on December 31, 1943 in Shadrinsk, Kurgan region, to an Abkhazian Armenian family. Father – Igor Alexandrovich Dubovitsky, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor. Mother – Nina Zhamkochyan, biologist, worked as a teacher at school. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, the family moved to Chisinau. When Regina was nine years old, the family moved to Kostroma. The future screen star dreamed of becoming a journalist. She studied by correspondence at the Pyatigorsk Institute of Foreign Languages.


Regina Dubovitskaya and Vladimir Vinokur. Photo: frame from the program “The Fate of Man”

In the late 1960s, Regina Dubovitskaya worked as a junior letter editor in the satire and humor department of Good Morning! on the All-Union radio. Over the years, she has met many artists and comedians who participated in the show. “Accidentally came to us on the program” Good morning! “, A man in the blink of an eye could become famous. An invitation to the television immediately followed – and off we went. This is what happened to Efim Shifrin, Vladimir Vinokur, and Viktor Koklyushkin. “– the artist shared.

Regina Dubovitskaya and Elena Stepanenko. Photo: Global Look

In the late 1980s, Dubovitskaya switched to television. In 1987 she created the show “Full House”. When the program appeared on the screen, it had almost no competitors. At that time, there was only one humorous program on television, Around Laughter, whose main characters were satirical writers. Dubovitskaya suggested emphasizing artists, as was the case on the radio.

In 1987, Regina Dubovitskaya created the program “Full House”. Photo: frame from the program “The Fate of Man”

“Nobody knew Gena Vetrova, Serezha Drobotenko, Yura Galtseva, Lena Vorobey, Kolya Lukinsky, Svetlana Rozhkova, although some of them have been performing on stage for more than a year. And now they are all favorites of the public. “Full house is a star factory that makes real artists,” – The artist admits.

Personal life

Regina Dubovitskaya has been happily married for more than 50 years. Photo: Global Look

Regina Dubovitskaya married in the fourth year of the institute Yuri Aivazyan, moved to her husband in the Moscow region, in the village of Mendeleevo. She has been happy with her doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, and founder of the physical field in the field of magnetism for more than 50 years.

The future couple met on the train Pyatigorsk – Sochi. Regina Igorevna went to see her grandmother in Sukhumi. “I saw Yura and almost immediately realized that this is exactly what I need. Married to him, I am a happy woman. No, of course, we quarrel sometimes, I have an o-go-go character… I can get hot quickly, but I also leave instantly and understand: we need to reconcile quickly. In most cases, Yura is right. The secret of our happiness is that everyone has their own business and they are completely passionate about it. “ She says.

Regina Dubovitskaya with her husband Yuri Aivazyan. Photo: frame from the program “The Fate of Man”

In 1966 a daughter was born Ilona. She graduated from the Energy Institute, works in television, is the director of her mother’s program.

Regina Dubovitskaya’s granddaughter is Regina Lukashina. Photo: frame from the program “The Fate of Man”

Granddaughter – Regina Lukashina was born on November 8, 1998. She graduated from the First Moscow State Medical University. IM Sechenov.

Terrible accident

In 2007, Regina Dubovitskaya was involved in a terrible accident. Photo: frame from the program “Secret to a Million”

Regina Dubovitskaya was on holiday in Montenegro in May 2007 in a terrible accident caused by a drunk driver. The car crashed into a concrete wall. The actress was in intensive care. The presenter received numerous fractures, instead of a face there was a huge wound. “I have no face, everything is broken. I don’t remember anything. When I was transported from Montenegro to Moscow, doctors predicted that I would never be able to move without crutches. The car caught fire, they couldn’t even open the door and pull me out. “.

Regina Dubovitskaya now

Regina Dubovitskaya, despite her age, looks great. Photo: frame from the program “The Fate of Man”

Regina Dubovitskaya in her 70s with a ponytail looks great. At the same time, she has never been to a beautician or a fitness club, has not had a massage and does not know how to use cosmetics. “Before the shooting, the make-up artist smears something on my face, the hairdresser pours varnish on it. As soon as the shooting is over, I put my head in the shower and wash everything off. “.

She never takes off her grandmother’s snake bracelet. “Once upon a time I was given a snake ring. I put it on, got on the subway, got out, and the ring is gone. It sat tight and could not fly. It is said that two snakes cannot get along. A day later I forgot to wear a bracelet and became very ill. He’s been with me ever since. I believe that he brings me good luck. “ – shared the celebrity.

Dubovitskaya admits that she likes Ivan Bunin, and when she “really sucks”, she reads it. “And when they scold the TV, I don’t understand it at all. Yes, turn it off, open the book, and that’s it. My entertainment show is not meant to teach anyone to love classical or good music. One must look at the Full House, smile, turn off and forget. And teaching is no longer my task. We are the most distilled show on all television. Even children can watch it with confidence! ” – the presenter speaks not without pride.

Regina Dubovitskaya’s fans were seriously concerned about her health, but she denied all rumors and said she was fine. Photo: Social networks of journalist Felix Grozdanov

Recently, fans have been suspecting the TV presenter of illness. She lost a lot of weight. However, the celebrity herself rejects all insinuations. “There are more rumors about my health. Suddenly they began to write that I had the same disease as Yulia Nachalova. I don’t know who needs it. I’m not sick of anything “– the star of the screen declared.

Main PHOTO: Global Look Press

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