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What happened to the disabled singer Yulia Samoilova, who failed at Eurovision

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“This time – without our light,” Yulia Samoilova told Telegram in her decision to exclude Russia from participating in Eurovision. In her opinion, mixing politics and creativity is a wrong and ungrateful thing to do. The singer, who represented our country at the competition in 2018, turns 33 on April 7. The trip to “Eurovision” brought the disabled person of the first group both a feeling of happiness from the fact that dreams come true and strong emotional pain.

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Julia’s dream to attend a prestigious international music competition should be considered very brave. Samoilova was finally diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at the age of 13, and the first symptoms appeared at 11 months. SMA is a genetic disease in which muscles gradually weaken. Not only does the spine curve, but breathing problems also appear and become more severe over time. Julia is confined to a wheelchair.

Perhaps the fact that a native of Ukhta Samoilova has been singing since childhood helps to slow down the development of the disease, and this is in a way breathing gymnastics. Julia’s mother was once a soloist in the choir and recognized her daughter’s obvious abilities. The girl’s first performance on stage took place at the age of 11. Then in her life there was a teacher of vocals and travel to various creative competitions. At the same time, the disabled child was not happy everywhere and not always.

“I was not allowed to sing at festive city events with the wording:” People do not want to look at the disabled on the holiday, they will spoil the mood, “- says Samoilova in her memoirs.

Julia Samoilova

Julia’s big victory was her participation in the third season of the talent show “Factor A”, organized by Alla Pugacheva. In 2013, the Prima Donna awarded the girl a special prize “Golden Star of Alla” in addition to the fact that Samoilova took second place in the audience vote. And in 2014 she performed in Sochi at the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympic Games.

Not only did her vocal career go uphill, Julia also met a narrow-minded person. Samoilova met musician Alexei Taran, who today is not only her husband, but also a part-time administrator, on social media.

Yulia Samoilova with her husband Alexei Taran

“When we met, I wanted to take his hand – it was so soft, warm. And his hands decided everything, ”the singer will later tell Komsomolskaya Pravda.

In 2016, Julia underwent surgery on her spine, straightened it as much as possible, as she could no longer eat properly. According to Samoilova, singing became more difficult after the surgery.

The singer intended, but could not go to “Eurovision – 2017” – she was banned from entering Ukraine. In 2018, she finally went to Lisbon and … the situation was saved only by backing vocalists. Enemies accused the actress that she forgot the words, and she herself assured: worried. In general, Julia got lost in the performance of the song, did not make it to the finals and took only 15th place.

Yulia Samoilova and her husband Alexei Taran during the second semifinal of
Yulia Samoilova and her husband Alexei Taran during the second semifinal of “Eurovision-2018”

Many show business representatives and ordinary Russians criticized Samoilova. The latter were not particularly shy in their expressions. “Why were you so eager for Eurovision with your awful voice?” – indignant alone. “I am ashamed of your performance. It would be unfair if you made it to the finals, ”others echoed.

Today those terrible days are over. Julia did not give up and continued her musical experiments. For example, in 2019 she released the first solo music video “Summer” in electronic dance style, while remaining behind the scenes. Many listeners not only praised this work, but even spoke enthusiastically about it. The faithful Alexei, who helps both creatively and physically, is still nearby.

Julia Samoilova

Julia doesn’t like to think about the trip to Eurovision. She expressed many emotions in her book “Ordinary Unusual Story”. What was, was, Samoilova prefers to move forward.

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