what happened to Andrei Danilko after the Eurovision scandal

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Just a few words ruined the singer’s career in Russia.

Every listener in Russia knows Verka Serdyuchka’s hits. Singer Andrei Danilko, performing in this image, was at the peak of popularity at zero.

However, in 2007 everything changed for the artist. Serdyuchka managed to take second place at Eurovision, but at the same time he managed to lose confidence in Russia. It seemed to many listeners that the song Dancing Lasha Tumbai, with which he performed at the competition, had the lines “Rasha, goodbye”.

Danilko later apologized that there were no such words in his hit, but no one believed him. Since then, the singer’s career in Russia has declined, and he himself fell into depression. Producer Andrei Razin spoke about this.

“Since 2007, Andrei has surrendered. He considered it a betrayal that Russia was closed to him. And with Andrei I discussed his song Dancing Lasha Tumbai. We discussed whether there was a hint of something in the song? Andrew replied: “I’ll think about it.” He consulted with someone there, and then affirmed that everything was fine, no hint. But our people heard him, and Danilko boycotted it, ”Razin was quoted as saying.MK».

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