What games will the films be made of? When will the film adaptation of Portal, Fallout, The Last of Us be released?

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Screening of a video game Ancharted kept in the top of the rental for the seventh week (helped by the lack of new Hollywood premieres). On the small screen started the series “Halo” – in general, adaptations of video games in trend. We talk about all the other upcoming projects to turn the gameplay into a mise-en-scene.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

In the world rental (except Russia) from April 8

Historically, feature films have failed miserably – and while many of them have paid off in the box office, only a few have managed to earn good reviews. In recent years, the situation is improving – for example, a family hit “Sonic in the movies” became not only the third highest-grossing Hollywood film of 2020 (all because of the coronavirus), but also received as many as 63 percent of positive reviews for Rotten Tomatoes (this is surprising close to the record). Of course, after such a triumph, the sequel quickly arrived.

They decided not to change the formula for success: the animator is still in the director’s chair Jeff Fowler and the screenwriters are the same. The level of casting madness took off a bit: Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik is joined by Idris Elba as Echidna Knuckles. In the trailer, everything shines, explodes and flies with double the intensity – the children in the hall will definitely not be bored. The case when the merits of the game were accurately transferred to the movies: thanks to the unprecedented dynamism of “Sonic the Hedgehog” in its time and became a classic.

“Resident Evil”

On Netflix from July 14

In the rental barely managed to reboot “Abode of Evil: Raccoon City”, and Netflix is ​​already preparing a new film adaptation of the classic survival horror with zombies and mutants. The last film was scolded for its careless attitude to game mythology and general trash, but in fact in its genre it was quite a sensible work: the director Johannes Roberts ate the dog on the atmospheric, perverted horrors of category “B” and did not pump up here. The upcoming series will be more about post-apocalypse and corporate conspiracies (the action takes place fourteen years after the first zombie attack), but there will be no such bright directors. The captions are mostly television artisans – directors of individual episodes of the series “Into the Heavy”, “Flight attendant”, “Riverdale” and “American Gods”. It’s a pity we you have to choose between author’s projects of category “B” and faceless A-class products. But even if you make a choice, it is definitely in favor of the first option.

“Super Mario”

In the world rental from December 21

Millennials remember with love “Mario Super Brothers” with Bob Hoskins from the 1990s, but for younger viewers this version is outrageously outdated. Hollywood is preparing an unsolicited gift for the New Year holidays – an animated picture with Chris Pratt as a good plumber, Ana Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong. Times have, of course, changed: if the version of the 1990s was a grotesque and gloomy artifact, the new project is as commercial and sterile as possible. It is reported that for reasons of political correctness, Mario will not even have a stereotypical Italian accent. Directed by Aaron Horvat and Michael Jelenik, creators of the popular cartoon series among junior high school students “Young titans, go ahead!”; screenwriter – Matthew Vogel, author of “Minions-2”. It is time for millennials to convey words of sympathy to buzzers.


In the world rental in 2022

The storyless mix of shooter and RPG Borderlands is both a curse and a gift for filmmakers engaged in adaptation, because you need to come up with almost everything from scratch. Horror-satirist Eli Rothwho hit family movies (“Hostel” and “Fever” – a classic, “The Secret of the Clock House” – hardly), and a screenwriter-chameleon Craig Mazin (“The Bachelor: Part III”, “Chernobyl”), it seems, decided to do on this basis free remake of “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Here, too, a diverse team of alien mercenaries will stumble and joke to save the world (well, or at least one girl kidnapped by bandits). The remarkable thing is that the ensemble of actors is almost superior to its Marvel counterpart: stars such as Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Jamie Lee Curtis.

“The Last of Us”

On HBO in 2023

The exclusive for PlayStation in the genre of post-apocalyptic action movie “One of Us” became famous due to its stunning cinematography. So much so that after the announcement of the film adaptation, the Internet was filled with reasonable questions about why film adaptation (more precisely, teleadaptation) is needed in the game, in which initially it was mainly necessary to watchinstead of playing. It seems that HBO producers and screenwriter Craig Mazin (after the triumph of “Chernobyl” he is in full swing) have an answer to this question: they decided raise the level of cinematography from the category of “ordinary Hollywood blockbuster” to the category of “festival cinema”. Among the hired directors is the author mannered movie about the blockade Kantemir Balagov and an Iranian storyteller Ali Abbasi (“On the border of the worlds”); both are winners of the Cannes Special View. Another series will be staged by a Bosnian Jasmila Zhbanich, whose historical drama “Where are you going, Aida?” nominated for an Oscar. We hope that the producers will give each of these outstanding directors a chance to express themselves, and not lead to a common faceless denominator. Otherwise, why invite them at all?

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Kantemir Balagov and his “Dildo”: “Nomination for” Queer Palm “annoys me”

Kantemir Balagov and his “Dildo”: “Nomination for” Queer Palm “annoys me”

“Twisted Metal”

In production at Peacock

Screenings are launched not only of classics (“Mario”, “Sonic”) and recent game blockbusters (“One of Us”), but also more niche, iconic things. The anarchist action movie on four wheels “Grind Metal” is real the cultural milestone of the generation that caught the first PlayStation (It is worth remembering at least the iconic cover last lifetime album Juice WRLD), so it’s no surprise that streaming Peacock immediately ordered a whole season of the series. The showrunners are Deadpool and Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernicke, and they, like no one else, will be able to embody the grotesque-cartoon spirit of the original with live actors and tangible cars. Will star in the lead role Anthony “The New Captain America” ​​Mackiebut who will play the evil clown Suite Ace from children’s nightmares of millennials, is not yet reported.


In production on Amazon Prime

The retro-futuristic world of RPG “Fallout” (untranslatable name means “Consequences of the nuclear apocalypse”) – one of the richest and most detailed in the history of video games, so its teleadaptation by default is highly anticipated. The showrunners are the authors “Wild West World” Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. They will probably tell their original story by applying unrivaled talent to carry science fiction nonsense with a serious expression. It is reported that Ella Pernell from “Hornets” will play the main character, and Walton Goggins – walking (mutant). The case when cinematographers are allowed any liberties and fantasies in working with the original source.

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How to understand the series “World of the Wild West”

How to understand the series “World of the Wild West”

“Steins; Gate”

In development

According to the Japanese visual novel “Gate; Stein”, an anime has already been shot that surpasses the original in popularity, and even a theatrical performance has been staged in the homeland. Now it’s the turn of the American series. The catch is that the very genre of visual short stories, where the player needs not to shoot and run, but to build relationships with cute girls and read paragraphs of philosophical reasoning about time travel, poorly amenable to transfer to the Hollywood genre framework. Chances are that this project will not repeat the mistakes of many previous ones anime adaptationsghostly, but it still is (at least not yet announced showrunners).

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Hollywood anime movies from worst to best

Hollywood anime movies from worst to best

“Metal Gear Solid”

In development

Oscar Isaac on the run confirms that in the MGS series he will have an exclamation mark above his head, as in the game

In the series of postmodern stealth games Metal Gear Hideo Genius Kojima deconstructed Hollywood action cinema, so it is not surprising that we are talking about the imminent filming for almost two decades. Recently, the project has become noticeably more active: Sony has hired a director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (“Kong: Skull Island”) and the big star – Oscar Isaac. The latter has already been tormented by gaming journalists with questions about the upcoming adaptation, to which Isaac, smiling charmingly, replies: “We climb through ventilation shafts like Solid Snake to find the plot of the film”. Given the postmodern nature of the franchise, the idea that the protagonist of the film will be Isaac himself, running through the corridors of Hollywood studios in search of a screenplay, is not in the realm of fiction. And the animated exclamation mark above our heads, we are waiting for, in addition to all sorts of jokes, on the big screen.

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How Hideo Kojima became a game designer no matter what

How Hideo Kojima became a game designer no matter what

9 more adaptations of video games in the early stages of development

«Five Nights at Freddy’s»

In March 2022, producer Jason Bloom announced that news of a horror project that lost director Chris Columbus and replaced several screenwriters would appear soon.

Ghost of Tsushima

In March 2021, Chad Stachelski, the stuntman and director of all John Wick films, was hired to adapt the samurai action movie Ghost of Tsushima.

«Just Cause»

Comedian Michael Dawes has been working since 2020 to develop a film version of the thrash action movie “Just Cause” about Latin American James Bond based on the Panamanian US invasion.

«Just Dance»

Screen Gems studio has acquired the rights to film the dance simulator Just Dance in 2019. The producer and, perhaps, the director is the master of the camp Will Glack (“Excellence in Easy Behavior”, a remake of “Annie”).


We increase the degree of producer madness. A film based on the sandbox game Minecraft has also been under development for almost ten years. At the moment, the Warner studio project has neither a director nor a release date.

Saints Row

Three years ago, F. Gary Gray, author of Law-abiding Citizen and Fast and Furious 8, was hired to direct the film based on the GTA clone Saints Row. Alas, since then the project has not moved from the deadlock, despite the perfect selection of the director.


The puzzle film Portal was announced back in 2013; The last time producer JJ Abrams mentioned the ongoing development of the project was a year ago. Hopefully Stephen Merchant will return to his role as the cynical robot Whitley.


Sega is developing a film based on the game Yakuza together with American film producers. What’s the point of that, given that in Japan movies about this game already shot by the master of the yakuza genre Takashi Miike, not specified.

«Brothers in Arms»

Scott Rosenbaum has been a showrunner for the Brothers in Arms series, which brutally deconstructs the heroic myths of World War II.“Queen of the South”). It is reported that the first season will be dedicated to “Exercise” Tiger “- a military exercise on the eve of the landing in Normandy, during which friendly fire led to the tragic deaths of British soldiers.

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“Ancharted”: perhaps the last big Hollywood hit in Russia

“Ancharted”: perhaps the last big Hollywood hit in Russia

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