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Collected books similar to a series of novels “The Cruel Prince” – a complex multi-layered fantasy, where the search for your place in the world comes to the fore.

So, “The Cruel Prince” is a popular series invented and written by American writer Holly Black. She gave us works such as “Spiderwick. Chronicles “and” Enchanted “. The Cruel Prince trilogy also includes the books The Evil King and The Queen of Nothing. The plot tells about the magical country of Fairland, where magical fairy creatures live. If you know a little about Western folklore, you know that fairies are very different from ordinary fairies. They are invulnerable, strong, beautiful, but also cruel, insidious and vindictive.

Jude Duarte, the protagonist of the books “Cruel Prince”, an ordinary girl who was born among people and fell into the magical world, under the care of the father of his older sister Vivien. IN the world of the fairy Jude feels like an ugly duckling, she feels both admiration and hatred for this people. In addition, in order not to fail and succeed, Jude must show his best qualities. AND the struggle for the throne soon begins.

Below we have collected books similar to the novel “The Cruel Prince”. What do they look like? Well, first of all, in some of these stories, the real world is in extreme contact with the fantasy world. AND in some places it is the fictional world that dominates with its orders, peculiarities and dangers. Secondly, the heroines of these books are not to be envied: by the will of fate they find themselves in very difficult circumstances, often in complete solitude, and only their determination and courage can help them get out of trouble.

And another important part of the plot of these books – search for yourself and your place in the world, the struggle for personal borders, rights and independence. It sounds great with a modern fempo story, doesn’t it?

Here are books like The Cruel Prince:

By the way, the list above includes the book “Dark Water” by Hannah Kent, and I want to mention it separately. IN it is about the inhabitants of a deaf Irish village, which exist somewhere between civilization and ancient beliefs. Medicine and science are already on the planet, but these people are still convinced that if the milk is sour or the chicken is dead, then it is the fault of the fairies, the forest people. This is not a young-adult or even a fantasy, but rather a psychological thriller with elements of mysticism, so it does not fit very well into a selection of books similar to the cycle “The Cruel Prince”, but from the novel you can learn more about who the fairies are views of folklore and how they influenced people’s culture and thinking.

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