What does the husband of the star of “Major” Aksenova look like, whom she hid from the public

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Pavel Aksenov is a private person.

Love Aksenov. Photo: social networks

The day before, the premiere of the animated film “Beech. My favorite monster. One of the heroines of the picture – Barbara speaks in the voice of an actress Lyubov Aksenova. The 32-year-old star of “Major” also visited the cinema in the company of her husband, however, she posed alone on the red carpet.

Love and Pavel Aksenov
Love and Pavel Aksenov. Photo: Boris Kudryavov / KP

Pavel Aksenov’s husband of Love is a private person. He shoots commercials, video clips and video game screensavers and stays behind the scenes of the star’s wife.

It happened at the premiere. After Love returned from the red carpet, Paul took a thermos out of his bag and began to give his wife hot tea. Witnesses of this scene noted not only that Paul is a very attentive husband, but also a creative person. Against the background of his elegant wife, 35-year-old Aksenov looks quite eccentric: his long tousled hair, dreadlocks and Rastaman beard. He writes about this Komsomolskaya Pravda.

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