What do the characters of “The Master and Margarita” look like in the three adaptations of 1994, 2005, and 2023

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On January 1, 2023, the film “Woland” will be released – a modern film adaptation of “The Master and Margarita”. The film was directed by Mikhail Lokshin, known to viewers for the film “Silver Skates”. This is not the first film adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel, in 1994 a version shot by Yuri Kara was published, and in 2005 – a TV series by Vladimir Bortko. We decided to compare what some of the main characters in these three movie versions look like.


TAMP / Russia-1 / amediafilm

Valentin Gaft (1994), Oleg Basilashvili (2005), August Deal (2023).


TAMP / Russia-1 / amediafilm

Victor Rakov (1994), Alexander Galibin (2005), Eugene Tsyganov (2023).


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Anastasia Vertinskaya (1994), Anna Kovalchuk (2005), Julia Snigir (2023).


TAMP / Russia-1 / amediafilm

Alexander Filippenko (1994), Alexander Abdulov (2005), Yuri Kolokolnikov (2023).


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Victor Pavlov (1994). In 2005, Behemoth was created with the help of computer graphics, in the form of a cat he was played by Vano Miranyan (his height is 100 cm), and in the human form – Alexander Bashirov. In the 2023 film, the role of Hippopotamus will be played by Maine Coon Kesh, as well as another version of the cat, created with the help of CGI.


TAMP / Russia-1 / amediafilm

Vladimir Steklov (1994), Alexander Filippenko (2005), Alexei Rozin (2023). This is how Alexander Filippenko managed to play different heroes from Woland’s retinue in two adaptations. By the way, the same opportunity fell to Igor Vernik: in 1994 he played the role of Judas, and in 2023 we will see him in the image of the entertainer George of Bengal; and Valentin Gaft, in 1994 he was Woland, in 2005 – Kaifa and a man in a French coat.


TAMP / Russia-1 / amediafilm

Alexandra Zakharova (1994), Tanya Yu (2005), Polina Aug (2023).

Ivan the Homeless

TAMP / Russia-1 / amediafilm

Sergei Garmash (1994), Vladislav Galkin (2005), Danil Steklov (2023).

Mikhail Berlioz

TAMP / Russia-1 / amediafilm

Mikhail Danilov (1994), Alexander Adabashyan (2005), Evgeny Knyazev (2023).

Baron Maigel

TAMP / Russia-1/ amediafilm

Alexander Ulyanov (1994), Dmitry Nagiyev, who also played the role of Judas (2005), Alexei Guskov (2023).

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