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Hard-hit Sony blockbuster is unlikely to please anyone.

On April 1, the film “Morbius” will start in the United States – a film adaptation of a comic book about a scientist who tries to cure his disease, but turns into a vampire. The premiere was supposed to take place in July 2020, but the picture was postponed several times due to the pandemic.

Critics defeated “Morbius”: at the time of publication of the film’s rating of Rotten Tomatoes is only 20%, and on Metacritic – 37 points.

Judging by the reviews, “Morbius” turned out to be one of those films in which it is difficult to look for merits. Some authors appreciated except that the dark tone of the picture, which distinguishes it from the comedy “Venom”. But even they do not fully understand for whom “Morbius” was filmed.

The film occupies a strange place in the “spider universe”. It’s not as charming as the last parts of “Spider-Man”, not as funny as “Venom” and certainly not as technically impressive as the cartoon “Through the Universes”.

Kate Earlbland

Morbius is unlikely to pass the time. It’s just an April stub in the release schedule. He is as bad and ill-conceived as “Venom”, which still managed to become a hit because of humor. But this picture about the monster scientist is so outdated that it seems like it came from the 70’s. The protagonist does not scare or admire.

Owen Gleiberman

As for the actors, the journalists single out only Matt Smith, who played the antagonist. Yes, the author of IGN considersthat the film comes to life only when Smith’s character appears on the screen.

The rest of the time, viewers are mostly watching the boring and serious Jared Leto, who can’t stand out, like in the recent GUCCI House.

With the exception of a couple of moments, “Morbius” is surprised only by how sad he is. They managed to make the movie with the Summer Vampire boring, how is that even possible? The main character in the film is once called “Vampire Slayer”. This nickname best describes the tape: it is optional, non-original and everyone will soon forget about it.

Kate Earlbland

The reviewers didn’t like the action and graphics either. According to them, the characters usually throw each other in different directions and jump far. It all looks not very exciting.

CGI, which turns Summer into a bloodsucker, is disgusting. Other shortcomings of the film – confusing timeline, lack of common sense and the villain, who appears only to move the plot forward.

Kate Earlbland

Journalists summarize that “Morbius” is another film adaptation of the comic, which lays the foundation for future events, but nothing interesting is happening in the film itself. Sony may be able to build on its Spider-Man universe, but the film itself seems a failure.

The authors of “Morbius” focused on creating a universe of Sony and sequels, which may well be better than this film. But they forgot that the audience should be entertained now.

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