What books does Maria Sharapova read?

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Ex-first racket of the world, successful businesswoman and future mother Maria Sharapova – an avid book lover. Even after the end of her sports career, free time in her schedule is worth its weight in gold. AND if an unoccupied evening still appears, the former tennis player immediately sits down for a book. Today we will tell what Maria Sharapova reads.

Maria never called a book her favorite. She also never pointed out in a conversation with journalists which genre she prefers. But we can assume who is the favorite author of the former athlete. IN In an interview, she admitted that she had read all the novels in Stephanie Mayer’s Twilight series. The vampire saga about the love of a simple girl and an immortal young man won the hearts of not only the famous Russian woman, but also millions of readers around the world.

Among the last things read, the ex-tennis player named “The Way of a Peaceful Warrior”. This is the story of world gymnastics champion Dan Millman. Despite his success, he felt that something was missing in his life. One day Millman met an unusual old man. WITH this meeting begins Dan’s path to spiritual insights. His book has become a worldwide bestseller and a landmark for millions of people.

Maria’s book recommendations also include the Chernobyl Prayer. – one of the parts of the cycle “Voices of Utopia” by Svetlana Aleksievich. For Sharapova, the Chernobyl tragedy – part of family history. The accident at the nuclear power plant occurred shortly before her birth. The parents of the future champion decided to leave their native Belarus and move to Russia to live in a more environmentally friendly region.

We have good news for those who want to learn about the life of the famous athlete first hand. IN 2017 year Maria published her autobiography with the eloquent title “Unstoppable. My life. She is called the honest story of the former tennis champion. She told in the book about herself, about relatives and, of course, about her sports career. Sharapova speaks freely in the pages of her memoirs not only about triumphs on the court, but also about failures. The main thing for her – always keep your face:

“… the winners stood next to the losers. Even without seeing the cups, one could immediately separate the lucky ones from the losers. And that’s when I decided for myself that in my opinion it will never be possible to say whether I won or lost. “

The first publication of her biography rose to second place in the ranking of sports bestsellers of The New York Times.

So, Maria Sharapova mentioned these books in an interview or posted their photos on social networks:

  • “Glass Castle”, Jannett Walls
  • “Lawyer,” John Grisham
  • “Chernobyl Prayer”, Svetlana Aleksievich
  • “Eat, pray, love,” Elizabeth Gilbert
  • “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, Dan Millman
  • The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
  • Twilight, Stephanie Mayer

Below you will find quotes – impressions of the tennis player from the books read.

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