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What became the ex-wife of Boyarskaya’s husband

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Jane Sexte is only 41 years old, but she is not chasing external youth.

Really, like a grandmother: what became the ex-wife of Boyarskaya's husband
Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev. Photo: social networks

Maxim Matveev lived with Jana Sexte for only 1 year – from 2008 to 2009. Already in 2010 he married Elizabeth Boyarskaya.

Jana Sexte. Photo: Global Look Press

Both ex-spouses never commented on the reasons for their breakup, but the artist’s imminent wedding led to certain thoughts of some of his fans.

Jana Sexte suffered a painful breakup with Maxim Matveyev, however, now the actress is also happily married. Her chosen one is the successful and famous Canadian composer Dmitry Marin, they are raising a daughter.

Jana Sexte with her husband and daughter. Photo: social networks

The ex-spouses were able to separate so correctly that they are now friends with families and visiting each other. Jana Sekste, being a gentle beauty in her youth, now prefers to take more care of inner beauty, so she does not dye her gray hair, is not interested in cosmetic procedures. And, although at the age of 41 she looks a little older than her years, especially in a babushka style scarf, in the photo on social networks she looks very happy.

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