What Alena Rapunzel was like in her first pregnancy and what she looks like now

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The star of “Doma-2” is about to give birth to a second child.

Alena Rapunzel. Photo:

Three years ago, the reality star of “House-2” Alena Rapunzel became a mother for the first time. She gave birth to a son Bogdan from Ilya Yabbarov.

Now the celebrity is also expecting a boy, but from another ex-boyfriend, a stripper Ilya Semin, whom she married in September 2021. They separated on the eve of childbirth, and now the girl will be a single mother twice.

Alena Rapunzel in her first pregnancy and now. Photo:

The account of the Yu TV channel, which now broadcasts Dom-2, showed what Rapunzel looked like in her first pregnancy and what she became in her second. Subscribers noticed that in front of them were two different people – Alena has changed so much in three years.

By the way, Rapunzel is now ten months pregnant. The date of birth, which was set for her in advance, has already passed. But the future mother still does not feel the harbingers of an imminent meeting with the baby.

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